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The King of Light[1] is a series of fantasy novels written in a fairytale key by Federico Carro,[2] focusing on the adventures of the young crusader Fedrick. Together with other literary works of the author such as the spin-off entitled: "The Knight of Light", these works all connect together in one great intertwining.

The King of Light consists of three novels, in which the protagonist Fedrick, through the discovery of a green and mysterious stone inside the Holy Sepulcher, is catapulted into a planet parallel to his original world.

This will lead him to understand that all areas of that world are ruled by a Dark Order of Gods, venturing with determination to find his beloved named Isabel, he will discover that what he desires will be part of an increasingly large and difficult to manage plan. The structure of the novels branch out into ever larger and more immense worlds, where each piece is part of an ever larger and more complex picture, as mysterious and intriguing as it is.

Genesis of the work

First edition of The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods by Federico Carro

The cover of the first edition of the King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods.

Already during the development of the author's first novel: "Il Segreto del Verziere" Federico Carro wrote the first draft entitled at the beginning: "The Emperor of the Seas". This plot had to tell of naval battles between medieval lands, islands and nations to which they had to try to take the middle ground between the states, the richest land that would bring the power to the highest level of the owner.

During that time Carro would have already started writing the first names that he will keep later, such as: "Dar Queen", "Dar King", "Dar Jack" and like some lands such as: "Endland". After the release of: "Il Segreto del Verziere", Federico changes his mind when in studying various medieval myths and legends he crosses his studies in some legends that tell of a celestial flow that, according to some studies, touch cities such as: Turin, Lyon and Prague, later became the three evil capitals where the Dark Gods reside.

The author felt limited in telling stories of the sea, probably writing about stories already told, from there he wanted to change direction and, through a different and decisive approach, he changed the title of his second novel to: "The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods".[3] Initially this novel had to close in a single book, only before releasing the book Carro further modified the novel to make it a trilogy and subsequently write its first spin-off.

Historical and fantasy setting

The story officially begins in a historical era that really happened in 1099 during the battle of Ascalon. The novel begins exactly on August 9, 1099, the day before that Godfrey of Bouillon was supposed to lead the crusaders to Ascalon against the Fatimids.

The night before, however, Fedrick intrigued by a strange green light that came out of the Holy Sepulcher, goes inside, changing the course of events. From there the crusader faints and is thrown headlong into a world different from the original. The work, therefore, after a few initial and historical pages, the reader is catapulted together with Fedrick into a totally new universe to be discovered, amidst mysteries and adventures that can at times recall the Baroque current of the Italian seventeenth century.


The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods

Recent cover of the book The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods by Federico Carro

Recent cover of the book The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods by Federico Carro

The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods[4] is the second novel by Federico Carro,[5] initially idealized with another title just before concluding his first novel: "Il Segreto del Verziere[6]". The novel is the first volume of the fantasy trilogy called: “The King of Light” which tells the story of Fedrick, a crusader who is thrown into a world parallel to his original world. The plot begins in Jerusalem with a messenger running to reach Godfrey of Bouillon to warn the arrival of Afdal.

While the Crusaders are setting up the field for the war that was to begin the next day, Fedrick, tormented by the war that was about to arise, expresses his doubts to his friend Humbert. Unable to sleep due to too many thoughts, Fedrick notices a green light coming from the Holy Sepulcher from afar, letting himself be enchanted by the glow, he chases the light up inside, finding a green stone above the tomb, which, falling to the ground, breaks and a being dark invaded by the green light that makes him faint.

After recovering a while, he leaves the Holy Sepulcher noticing only the desert around him. After several days of walking in an empty desert, Fedrick begins to falter and remember his Isabel. Suddenly, however, he is attacked by beasts called Soriagrer who, however, losing consciousness is saved by the arrival of Ker and other warriors.

Fedrick finding himself inside a tent, wakes up with Melchior a lion man in front of him, revealing to him that he is in Bethlehem, after a few moments the bells ring for the whole village, Melchior lets the crusader know that this sound of celebration indicates the future union with the East and the West through the marriage of Princess Amphriosa daughter of King Alkor and Flemgard the son of King Valgar.

Ker in The King of Light by Federico Carro

An artwork of Ker

Fedrick coming out of the tent crosses Ker who saved him, pointing out that he was about to leave for Gaza, Fedrick insists to accompany him, leaving together for that destination. On the way they cross the Wood of Sefur, an enchanted place where it is forbidden to stay awake at nightfall, where nothing is ever the same as before the day after.

One night, hearing noises, Fedrick wakes up to find himself in front of the wood without trees, with stones and people dancing. Fedrick wakes Ker and the people of the woods get scared and hide among the rocks, one of them Mirea talks to Fedrick revealing the spell that keeps them sealed in the woods. Fedrick and Ker therefore decide to head to the forbidden zone to save the local people.

Coming out of the woods accompanied by Mirea, the duo cross the trees and face the dunes of a desert. After a long journey they find themselves in a meadow with a palace where Violante and her husband of her King Alagar live. Fedrick and Ker confront the king and through the intervention of Violante they manage to win and free the people of the wood from the spell, returning back the people decide to follow the duo to Gaza.

Finally reached the city Fedrick decides he wants to go to sea, but his adventure is hindered by the local monarch, that is, King Alkor. After a long series of events the people of Gaza, including slaves and prisoners inside the city join the ideals of Fedrick to which he faces the king by winning the battle, as thanks he is allowed to leave through whales in the shape of a ships called Mioraiven.

Before leaving, Fedrick realizes that Turin is the capital of the Forbidden Empire of absolute evil within the world. Among the freed prisoners there is a warrior named Jehrais who accompanies Fedrick across the sea. While sailing to the Forbidden Empire, the crusader boat was diverted by the power of Emperor Kinsguard and reached the shores of Endland.

Kinsguard's Castle in the King of Light by Federico Carro

Kinsguard's Castle

After a violent storm Fedrick and Jehrais manage to survive finding themselves in an enchanted village, after figuring out how to undo the spell of the place, they learn that the rest of the crew has been taken by the Emperor of Endland, namely Kinsguard. Deciding he wants to continue his journey, Fedrick gets it into his head to continue to Zaros, the place where Kinsguard resides to take back the crew and put an end to the various spells scattered among the villages.

Before leaving, Fedrick is informed that the emperor's castle is protected by wind whirlwinds and that in order to pass he will have to find the Dragamantio's Rib. While Jehrais stays in the village to help the people, Fedrick sets out into the unknown in search of the Dragamantio's Rib. During the walk in the marshes he manages to free Prince Flemgard who comes to the aid of the crusader if together they find Elizabeth the prince's girlfriend. On the way, the duo are chased by imperial guards, where they are saved by the arrival of Anthèlme who indicates the position of the Dragamantio's Rib and of the girl.

Kinsguard in The King of Light by Federico Carro

An artwork of Kinsguard

In the meantime, Jehrais manages to save many villagers whom he gathers in a small army, thus advancing towards Zaros. Fedrick finding the Dragamantio's Rib the group heads towards the castle thus facing Kinsguard. After a heated fight with the imperial troops, his commanders and the emperor himself who was about to prevail, Kinsguard is killed by his son Radamantio, freed from the throne in which he was hiding.

After fixing everything Radamantio becomes friends with Fedrick and Jehrais, the trio decides to separate in such a way as to try to annihilate the Order of the Dark Gods, an evil order that dominates the world, where they reside in their three capitals, namely: Turin dark capital dominated by the Dark Master with the original name of Dar Queen, Prague dominated by the Celestial Master with the original name of Dar King and Lyon dominated by the Night Master with the original name of Dar Jack.

Radamantio after explaining the objectives gives Fedrick a magic pen, a seal to unlock the divine sword called Silfurhiaga which is said to have the strength to destroy the evil dark order, along with the other two swords residing in Prague and Lyon respectively. After some time the trio took three ships heading to their respective capitals, Jehrais to Lyon, Radamantio to Prague and Fedrick to Turin. After leaving Endland, Fedrick's navigation is interrupted by Salazhar, the crew is kidnapped and through various tricks they manage to escape, heading towards the entrance of the Forbidden Empire a dark cloud and smoke appears, noting in a short time that they are a multitude of stones that cause the vessel to sink.

Akram in The King of Light by Federico Carro

An artwork of Akram

Finding himself all safe on the coasts of Malta and increasingly convinced of reaching Turin, Fedrick learns that the last phoenix in existence is located in Mount Merek. Accompanied by volunteers, the crusader reaches the top of the mountain and manages to convince the phoenix named Akram to leave for the Forbidden Empire. The crusader on Akram's back crosses the sea until he reaches the entrance to the Forbidden Empire, overcoming dark clouds the duo glimpses many volcanoes.

Akram escaping from many rocks is hit and falls into the magma while Fedrick leaping into the hot earth finds himself in front of the Army of Leive, an army of individuals of lava. The crusader is taken and rescued by the grandson of Faghy the chief of the village of Fuar who lives under the land of volcanoes. The boy realizes that he must meet with a certain Fleyrd to receive his help to get closer to Turin, but without much explanation the Army of Leive advances into the village of Fuar forcing Fedrick to flee to the surface with Faghy.

Fleyrd in The King of Light by Federico Carro

An artwork of Fleyrd

The crusader finds himself in an expanse of grass and rocks, in a few moments some arrows fall to the ground, Fedrick sees brick barriers with archers on top with the resemblance to jackals. Running and trying to dodge the enemy's attack, Faghy grabs him and brings him in front of Fleyrd, a Knight of Lefi, the Dark Master's army par excellence. Fleyrd explains to Fedrick that he met Isabel and that he convinced him to look for the boy to make them meet. Fleyrd decides to join the Crusader, setting out together to search for a magical jar that heals wounds and vestiges of Lyjos so they can protect the Crusader from adversity.

Obtaining the magic jar they are taken aback by King Hilgarf's guards who take the jar from them, chasing the kidnappers the duo falls into a whirlpool of water that through a very powerful jet throws them up into the sky landing on the clouds. Finding the vestiges of Lyjos they are attacked by the Cherodon, a mystical being who guards the skies, at that moment Akram arrives who is much larger than before and saves them by taking them away. The Cherodon chases them up in front of King Hilgarf's castle, to which stunned by the power of the sovereign they are captured and taken inside the fortress.

Madilim in The King of Light by Federico Carro

An artwork of Madilim

The trio is saved by Madilim, a girl with mantis arms sent by Jehrais to help Fedrick. The girl holding the magic jar in her hand cures Akram who fly away from the king's castle, the latter irritated by their escape unleashes Zeleny a giant tree that intertwines her branches to try to recover the group.

Suddenly a vortex with a dark sphere of energy, sweeps Zeleny, the sovereign's guards and the castle with the king inside, reducing everything to ashes. Fedrick and the rest of the group awaken in an alternate dimension controlled by King Lenoire's mind that protects them from enemy attacks. The king explains to the crusader how to deal with Zakro, the evil creature and emperor of the Forbidden Empire who is guarding Turin.

After entrusting him with the Lance of Destiny, they face Zakro by defeating him with the Lance. At that moment Radamantio arrives presenting himself with two huge wings behind his back, with golden armor and with the legendary sword in his possession. Radamantio's army that followed him joins Fedrick and the rest of the group as they enter Turin, until they reach the Dark Master's castle.

Madow in The King of Light by Federico Carro

An artwork of Madow

Overcoming without difficulty with anyone around the fortress, Fedrick arrives inside the room where Isabel is stored. The crusader tries to wake the girl to no avail, at that moment a magical book appears informing the boy of the spell in which the girl has fallen victim by the Dark Master, also pointing out to him that the latter has left for the North Pole, at that moment the book is destroyed by the arrival of General Madow, the leader of the Knights of Lefi who starts the plane called Darkerd.

In that instant a multitude of the Knights of Lefi invade Turin, Radamantio throws himself headlong into the fight against Madow, while the rest of Radamantio's army faces off against the Knights of Lefi. Fleyrd accompanies Fedrick in looking for the Silfurhiaga a divine sword of light that lies hidden within Turin. While Madilim with the magic jar defend defenseless Isabel inside the castle, Fleyrd on the way meets his father Raour to whom they begin to fight. After several obstacles Fedrick finds the legendary sword, heading towards Radamantio.

Meanwhile, the latter cornered by Madow, comes the intervention of Jehrais who also presents himself with the likeness of Radamantio also in possession of the legendary sword, fighting against Madow. At that moment Fedrick also appears transformed and with wings, Jehrais decides to stop and fight against Madow, while Radamantio and Fedrick head towards the North Pole in search of the Dark Master.

The first Leviathan in The King of Light by Federico Carro

The birth of the first Leviathan

On their way in the middle of the sea, Dar King reappears and starts fighting Radamantio again, Fedrick decides to continue reaching the North Pole. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is invaded by the Knights of Lefi devastating the world, Fedrick reaches the North Pole facing Dar Queen. The latter points out to Fedrick the approach of the stars and planets in the sky, where in a few moments the first Leviathan of the solar system is formed, a huge being composed of the body from the planets, while the wings from the stars of the galaxy.

The King of Light The Leviathan Army

Recent cover of the book The King of Light the Leviathan Army by Federico Carro

Recent cover of the book The King of Light the Leviathan Army by Federico Carro

The King of Light the Leviathan Army[7] resumes Fedrick's adventures after the first novel of the saga called: "The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods[8]". After the final sequence of the first novel, Fedrick wakes up in front of his daughter Luce, after moments of disbelief Mener, the local elder and member of the Council of Frekar, appears to see the boy's condition, suddenly outside the tent where he was staying Fedrick appears in the distance, the receding Leviathan of the solar system.

The crusader takes off in flight trying to reach Dar Queen, but in that moment Luce begins to float in the air pushed by an evil force that makes her disappear in the distance. Mener stops Fedrick and makes him reflect by indicating that Luce has been taken by the evil force just awakened by the passage of Dar Queen, that is: Bolvaour also called: "The Master of Chaos". Mener explains to Fedrick the world he is in, also explaining the fact of how it is possible that his unborn daughter Luce is in front of him, making him understand that he is on a planet of the future that has yet to be developed, with particular laws and very precise rules drawn from that planet.

Luce in The King of Light by Federico Carro

An artwork of Luce

Realizing that Luce is truly his daughter, Mener also makes him understand that Isabel is also alive, which gives Fedrick greater determination to continue her adventure. Together with Mener and his magic stick called Efins they cross a passage called: “The bridge of life” arriving on the Planet of Wymiar, finding themselves in front of them The barrier of the lake of Lock containing inside it the passage to the castle of Bolvaour. Inside the barrier, Fedrick accidentally frees the Fhianna who decide to follow the crusader towards the castle. Through a portal they reach the castle of the Master of Chaos, Fedrick, taken by the heat, flies in the direction of the fortress getting caught in full by a red arrow that makes him fall unconscious to the ground.

The Fhianna, alongside Mener and Efins, fight against various creatures, which the other members of the Freaker council give them support. All together they arrive inside the fortress, where after several puzzles and obstacles they manage to find themselves in front of Bolvaour and Luce. After a terrifying fight against the Master of Chaos, Fedrick appears, who manages to defeat the spell drawn by the arrow and free Luce. Pushed by the entire council of Freaker to leave beyond the planet itself, the council sacrifices itself to save Fedrick and Luce, but the approach of a planet against them prevents their escape. The Master of chaos trying to stop the advance of the duo, notices that the planet is actually a kind of giant planet-eating moth and while Fedrick and Luce manage to get out of the planet, they escape the fury of Boulvaour who in turn is eaten from the moth.

The Fhianna and the Master of Chaos in The King of Light by Federico Carro

The Fhianna and the Master of Chaos

Remained in the open space where they are able to breathe through the vestiges of Lyjos that propagates oxygen to keep the duo alive, the moth turns to Fedrick and Luce, where the latter, unleashing her powers and her ability, manages to convert the evil inside the moth into a good and docile being. The moth emits a sound that paralyzes the duo, at that moment thousands of beings imprison the protagonists, being captured and taken to the village of Hagary, a village placed inside the moth's hair. Inside the village they make the presence of the village chief Tuc, who mistaking them for angels, they mention the fact that Ollovar brought them, to which to celebrate their divinity they begin to make a tribute for it.

During the ceremony to which a couple had to give their life in Ollovar's name, Fedrick intervenes by saving the two, but suddenly the duo is killed by one of the tribe. Fedrick in anger chases the being where hunter green symbols appear during the chase. The crusader reaches the being and begins to slaughter him with sword strokes, at that moment Luce appears who sees the scene and the sudden change of his father who becomes more and more evil and dark. However, Luce manages to reason and calm her father who slowly returns to the part of light and good.

The Leviathan Army in the King of Light by Federico Carro

The Leviathan Army

Returning together to the ceremony area, the Leviathan army appears from the top of the sky intent on following the evil purposes of Dar Queen. Fedrick decides to chase the Leviathan army and chased by Luce and part of the Tuc tribe, they fly out of space, but at that moment Ollovar stands in his way. Fedrick engages in a desperate fight against him, where suddenly a silver light appears amidst the fight, that light explodes causing Ollovar to disintegrate and thus separating Fedrick from Luce as they go off in different directions.

Subsequently Fedrick finding himself on the Greine planet is kidnapped and brought in the presence of Amala, the mistress of this world. Forced to face this being Fedrick is defeated, where she, making him aware of his limited strength, agrees to explain to the crusader the way to become stronger. Amala accompanies Fedrick to the village of Parsakaali where she explains the natural elements and how to exploit them, showing him a sort of training path through various elemental planets that make up the galaxy where he is. Amala assigns Fedrick the best warrior named Safira, leaving together in the direction of the Hiundervan planet.

Meanwhile Amala with her army leaves for the last planet on the edge of the galaxy: Darken, Fedrick and Safira reach Hiundervan, where Safira brings the crusader in the presence of Zekeren. The latter putting Fedrick to the test with a fight, their confrontation is interrupted with the arrival of a Sekarang. In fighting all three against the creature, Zekeren is caught in the claws of the monster that takes him far away, in that instant multiple tentacles stop the Sekarang giving Zekeren time to escape and find himself together with the duo on a beach.

Sirden in The King of Light by Federico Carro

Sirden versus Brann and Feil

Noting that the tentacles retreat towards the direction of a palace, the trio reaches the palace making the acquaintance of Kundran who threatens them through a close fight to enter the palace, bringing them in the presence of Ziljaran the master of Hiundervan. After a close fight with Ziljaran and his followers Zekeren and Safira sacrifice themselves to make Fedrick escape, giving the crusader the opportunity to continue towards the Sirden planet. Inside Fedrick makes the acquaintance of Brann where in explaining to him that the planet is evil and has a will of its own, he convinces Fedrick to seek the heart of the planet to destroy it. In searching for the heart the duo is hindered by the various movements and actions that come to life within the planet, where during the search they are helped with the appearance of Feil who joins the duo.

Finding Sirden's heart, Fedrick strikes him, thus destroying the planet and also Brann who was secretly united with the planet, thus making them both disappear. Fedrick and Feil intending to continue the journey together head to the Darken planet. There, together with Amala's army, warriors from other elemental planets fight, especially with Kematian. Through the sacrifice of Amala and Feil, Fedrick tries to fight Kematian but the Leviathan of that system awakens and disintegrates the evil Kematian with his power.

Kematian and the awakening of Zamrud in The King of Light by Federico Carro

Kematian and the awakening of Zamrud

Fedrick and the rest of Amala's army flee the planet to try to save themselves, but at that moment part of the Leviathan Army appears in the distance and, following the newly formed Leviathan named Zamrud, the latter flaps his gigantic wings and sweep away Fedrick and the rest of the army away to another galaxy named NIcari, thus landing on a planet called Zavarhat. There, together with the local beings, they unite to fight other evil beings who are part of the order of Thaikureta, where chief Vajarn manages to put Fedrick and the rest of the group in trouble.

The King of Light The rise of Destiny

Recent cover of the book The King of Light the rise of Destiny by Federico Carro

Recent cover of the book The King of Light the rise of Destiny

The King of Light The Rise of Destiny is the last book in the saga The King of Light, which concludes the story of Fedrick in his search for Isabel and in the fight against the powerful and evil Dar Queen. After the events narrated in The King of Light, the Leviathan Army, Fedrick and Luce are separated by a powerful force called "The King of Light". Fedrick finds himself immersed in the elemental planets, where, after overcoming various challenges, he learns powerful magical techniques that allow him to continue his journey.

With the arrival of Syslomaour, who manages to take part of the Leviathan army with him, a portal is created that sends Fedrick to another galaxy. Here he meets two new companions who help him on his journey. Before the final battle against Dar Queen, Fedrick will have to face the King of Light, who will test him before the great war between good and evil.

The book is more dynamic and abstract than its predecessors, characterized by increasingly surreal and imaginative events. The style remains sophisticated, but is slightly more readable thanks to a more complex and detailed plot.


The Knight of Light[9] is the first official spin-off of the King of Light[10] trilogy, it tells the story and subplots of some allies who have helped Fedrick during his adventures. The novels serve to connect and make the reader better understand certain dynamics in which the author was unable to insert in the main work.

The Knight of Light the Radamantio story

Federico Carro book cover the Knight of Light the Radamantio Story

Book cover the Knight of Light the Radamantio Story

The Knight of Light the Radamantio story[11] is the first volume of the spin-off trilogy of: “The king of light” entitled: “The knight of light”. This book tells the adventures of one of Fedrick's friends and allied fighters, namely: "Radamantio".

The plot begins with the birth of Prince Radamantio, presented before the people in the castle of his father Kinsguard. Years later on the same terrace the prince talks with his mother Leivah, the latter explains how the world in which they live is structured, noting that the east is dominated by their family, while the west by King Lenoire and the central island. from Zakro, emphasizing the three kings: Silfur, Criade and Chlaid.

Then Radamantio goes to the room where Biancofiore still sleeps in swaddling clothes, at that moment Kinsguard appears who takes his wife aside to tell him that Zakro has been taken by mysterious and dark forces that control him. Years later it turns out that those mysterious forces are none other than the Order of the Dark Gods who controlled the central island, the west and Prague as far as the East is concerned, spreading their wickedness like wildfire.

Feeling threatened by their advance, Kinsguard decides to go to Prague in person to find a peace agreement, but he is stopped by the three kings who visit him and after a banquet, the next day Kinsguard sails from Lentas to head to Prague. Shortly after, during the voyage, darkness appears in front of the ship presenting itself with a demonic face, this darkness invites Kinsguard to Prague to speak with him. The sea at that moment shakes in an anomalous way and causes the vessel to sink into a tunnel, which through the force produced by the attraction pushes the ship upwards as if it were a spring. Once in the sky the force of the wind carries the ship to the main square of Prague.

Suddenly Vlaud appears inviting him to the Celestial Master's castle, while Kinsguard and the rest of the crew advance into a completely different Prague, Vlaud informs the emperor of the new language of the East such as Archaic Cyrillic, and a new army called the Amber Army, soldiers chosen by the Celestial Master. The crew and the emperor reach the throne room of the Celestial Master, where Kinsguard presents himself with ideals of peace, the Celestial Master then proposes to him to become his right arm and to become a dark figure, while Kinsguard rejects the proposal the Celestial Master orders Vlaud to proceed, the latter instantly decimates the crew of Kinsguard, when the enraged emperor attacks the Celestial Master who wraps him with his cloak making him disappear.

Biancofiore in The King of Light by Federico Carro

An artwork of Biancofiore

After some time, Leivah together with Radamantio and Biancofiore await the arrival of Kinsguard, but at that moment Vlaud appears to tell him that they are expected at the Celestial Master's castle. Leivah agrees and Vlaud surrounds the family with a blue light and, making them float with such magic, takes them in a few moments to Prague. Arriving in a room inside the Celestial's castle they notice a huge table and Kinsguard waiting for them. Leivah and the rest of the family immediately notice the sudden change of the emperor, at that moment the Celestial Master appears and before him Vlaud and Kinsguard himself kneel before him.

Soon after, everyone takes a seat at the banquet where the Celestial Master announces the Order of the Dark Gods that has dominated practically the entire world, while Kinsguard announces him as his official right-hand man. In front of these revelations Leivah loses his patience and furiously transforms himself into the legendary Dragamantio, who destroying the whole room, knocks Vlaud and the Celestial Master himself down from underneath. Radamantio and Biancofiore take Kinsguard with them and go on the back of their mother who fly away far from the Celestial's castle, reaching the port of Sfinari so as not to be seen by the inhabitants of the island of Crete.

The royal family arrives at the port and sets off on foot towards Zaros, where slowly the inhabitants of every place announce the return of the emperor, at which time when they arrive at the castle in front of the population, Kinsguard announces that he will not support the war they want to impose the Order of the Dark Gods. Some time later, Leivah reveals to Radamantio that a few days ago the Order of the Dark Gods overwhelmed the three kings, giving birth to divine weapons from their light. The next day Kinsguard announces in front of the people that he officially becomes the right arm of the Celestial and thus participates in the evil plans of the Order of the Dark Gods. A dark aura spreads from Kinsguard's body that pervades the castle and the rest of the surrounding territory, transforming the white castle into a dark castle, while the surrounding land dies for several kilometers and only scorched earth remains. Kinsguard then announces that the island of Crete will henceforth be called Endland.

A few days later Leivah together with Radamantio and Biancofiore try to find a solution for this crime, but at that moment Kinsguard appears who instead of speaking in Cyrillic speaks with the dark language, leaving the rest of the family confused. In evident struggle against himself, Kinsguard gives the rest of the family three books, inviting them to study the divine language as a means of communication between them, so as not to give suspicion to the rest of the Dark Order and other evil ones. Inside, Leivah finds a note that says the emperor stays away from them mainly because he fights against the evil that is taking him from day to day. The days pass and the emperor, always more taken by evil, hires under his name two kings named Alkor and Alagar who gives him the order to conquer Gaza and the wood of Sefur.

Dar King in The King of Light by Federico Carro

An artwork of Dar King

After a few years the Order of the Dark Gods has taken complete control of the world, one day Leivah takes Radamantio aside giving him the pen with the letter "G" and, while explaining how to use it, Kinsguard warns that he wants to see Leivah in his presence. A few days later he gathers the rest of the people now under severe famine in front of the castle, at that moment an armor called the Imperial Army commanded by general Anthèlme comes out from inside the castle. Kinsguard orders civilians to escort the army to Mavros, inviting the population to donate their own food to the soldiers to advance into another war campaign.

The people at that moment rebel and clash with the imperial soldiers, Anthèlme orders not to attack the population but to try to calm them, but at that moment Kinsguard orders the soldiers to massacre most of the population as punishment. The soldiers obey and Leivah tries to stop Kinsguard, where the latter reveals that it was he who induced famine and the destruction of food as well as lands throughout Endland, also now possessed by evil, he tells Leivah that he wants his rib of the legendary Dragamantio, the same magical instrument that gave birth to Radamantio and Biancofiore.

Leivah then reacts by transforming into the legendary Dragamantio and thus confronts Kinsguard. At that moment Radamantio and Biancofiore appear who, helped by Anthèlme, manage to temporarily neutralize Kinsguard and, climbing above the Dragamantio, run away from the castle. The Dragamantio leaves Radamantio, Biancofiore and Anthèlme in a swamp, telling Anthèlme to take them away to the first possible place to leave Endland. Anthèlme takes away Radamantio and Biancofiore, shortly after the Dragamantio confronts Kinsguard, who after a terrible battle, Kinsguard kills the Dragamantio.

The Dragamantio in The King of Light by Federico Carro

The Dragamantio

A few days after the incident, Radamantio, Biancofiore and Anthèlme on the run reached the port of Mavros. Noting that the port is unusable, as they find it destroyed, they decide to hide inside a village. There, listening to some inhabitants, they discover that Princess Anfriosa and Flemgard will join the marriage to thus unite the West and the East, hearing what Anthèlme cares about her daughter Elizabeth, in love with Flemgard. The trio therefore decides to go to the village where her daughter lives, but there they fall into a trap and are surrounded by imperial soldiers and by the same Kinsguard who appears in front of the trio.

After a heated discussion, Radamantio and Biancofiore engage in a fight against their father, the latter prevails by ordering the imperial soldiers to take them to the emperor's throne room. There Kinsguard points out that they serve him alive, as he wants Radamantio to kill King Alagar, becoming him the king, while Biancofiore king Alkor, thus becoming the queen of Gaza. Kinsguard orders Anthèlme to leave to kill her daughter and Flemgard, who accepting under the astonishment of Radamantio and Biancofiore, the latter are taken away to be further trained and to fulfill the emperor's objectives.

After months of exhausting training, Radamantio and Biancofiore are called to the emperor's throne room, where in speaking the duo attacks Kinsguard, but the latter, knowing of a possible revolt, neutralizes his sons. Biancofiore is taken and sealed inside a cell, while Radamantio is sealed inside Kinsguard's throne. A period of time passes where the deeds of a certain Fedrick who defeats Alagar and King Alkor are discussed, where then Kinsguard, attracting him to his castle, decides to face part of his crew. In the midst of the conflict, both Biancofiore and Anthèlme participate, where the latter, with the Dragamantio's Rib in his hand which in the meantime has turned into a sword, launches a blow that destroys the throne of Kinsguard.

The emperor, completely forgetting about Radamantio, prepares to kill everyone present, but at that moment Radamantio takes the sword and stabs Kinsguard from behind, killing him. After celebrating the victory he sees in Fedrick a new light of hope for the world and gives him the pen that his mother gave him a long time ago. Meanwhile Fedrick and Jehrais leave for Turin and Lyon respectively, Radamantio decides to venture towards Prague to defeat the Celestial Master. After taking to sea with the chosen crew, the ship collides with a glass being named Skleneny, who a sailor mentions a legend of the area, exclaiming that his heart may be on a beached ship.

So in saying they leave in search of the boat, where in the meantime Radamantio parries the monster's attacks, they manage to find the boat and destroy it, making the monster disappear. At that moment, however, while Radamantio is on the beach, an icy wind freezes the whole ship and the crew, where after a few seconds, everything explodes leaving Radamantio alone to continue the journey. After hours of walking he ventures into a forest, where he is attacked by a girl. During the fight Radamantio observes her eyes very similar to that of her mother, where in exclaiming what about her the girl asks if he is Radamantio.

Svetla in The King of Light by Federico Carro

An artwork of Svetla

He confirming, the girl named Svetla tries to hug the boy, acknowledging the fact that he's his brother. Radamantio still confused by the story, Svetla invites her brother to follow him inside her village hidden inside the forest. They head to the Dedina Village, where Radamantio discovers the origins of her mother, as she lived there a long time ago, and the fact that Svetla is actually her elder sister. Svetla accompanies Radamantio inside her home, where she gives him an object from their mother, a quill pen capable of releasing the divine sword found in Prague.

At that moment the village is invaded by the Amber Army, where Svetla helps Radamantio to escape by telling him to reach a certain river. After some time he finds the river with a bridge to cross over, suddenly the bridge expresses itself in asking who it was, Radamantio indicating that he is Svetla's brother, the bridge understands that it is also the son of Leivah who was waiting for a lot of time. The bridge tells other stories related to Leivah who the bridge gives him a seal and makes him cross the river, to take advantage of the seal a little further on. In a short time he finds himself inside a Dark Wood, where he is attacked by beings of similar shapes to those of the rabbit named Viervojn.

Going beyond the wood, Radamantio finds a door in the shape of a head of boar in the middle of a meadow where the sun shines, there he notices a niche and tries to insert the seal he has brought with him, where in a few moments this door moves making it emerge a creature named Atlam. After several battles Radamantio manages to insert the seal in the entrance, at that moment Atlam becomes stone and the prince manages to enter, thus freeing the entire order of tundra dragons who venture out into the middle of a green lawn. The order manages to understand that Radamantio is the son of Leivah and they decide to follow him to Prague, indicating that there is another way to get there.

After hours of travel, night falls and the Drajiraz, the paradise of dragons, appears in the middle of the meadow, where Aurdrage appears, the one who materialized the paradise of dragons, thus inviting all those present inside. Radamantio meets his mother Leivah who gives him new strength to continue the journey. The morning after the order of the tundra dragons they leave for Prague together with Radamantio, reaching a lake where the dragons inform Radamantio that behind there is a tunnel that comes out directly in Prague. Holding their breath shortly after they all emerge directly in Prague. At that moment Vlaud appears with the Amber Army who orders him to attack Radamantio and the order of dragons, but suddenly Svetla appears commanding an army of diamond dragons who thus attack the Amber Army.

Radamantio in The King of Light by Federico Carro

An artwork of Radamantio

Together with Svetla Radamantio finds the sword Chlaidheamh and an armor that also gives angelic wings, which heading towards the throne room of the Celestial Master, during the journey Svetla kneels on the ground to ask for help, but in a few moments she changes his mind telling him to his brother to continue. The latter, very confused by the incident, heads for the throne of the Celestial Master's castle. At that moment, Svetla joins him, who, presenting himself with an evil face, hits his brother from behind, piercing him with an ice sword.

Radamantio realizes that it is not his sister but Dar King, who begins to engage in a confrontation with it. After a heated fight, Radamantio manages to put the opponent in a tight spot, who pierces him with the sword in the heart, but discovers that the girl was really Svetla, and that therefore she had been controlled by the Celestial Master. Shortly after, Dar King comes out and a terrible fight begins between him and Radamantio, where the latter comes out as the winner. At that moment after they have triumphed against evil, the Drajiraz appears to take away all the dragons, which Radamantio trying to enter to find the rest of his family, is stopped by Aurdrage indicating that they are there to get the dragons.

At that moment, as the paradise of dragons was about to disappear forever, Leivah embracing Svetla greeted Radamantio who remained alone in Prague, with the sole intention of reaching Turin to help Fedrick to eradicate the Order of the Dark Gods forever. Passing Prague suddenly Radamantio hears screams and stops noticing a village and a tower with the inhabitants listening to a speech, Radamantio tries to fly but is held on the ground by an evil power, where at that moment Alvaros the mother of the three king appears, explaining to him that the queen Mahllad who rules this island has managed to enchant the descendants of the Alfur, where Dravite flows inside them, the material with which the armor of the knight of Lefi, the army of the Dark Master is made.

With the help of Alvaros Radamantio he manages to defeat the queen and free the population who joins him to head together towards Turin. While Alvaros disappears, Radamantio continues with the inhabitants until he reaches a bridge that continues towards the entrance of the Forbidden Empire called Clenia, there they face the Army of Lod, the ice beings who guard the entrance. At that moment they were also surrounded by the last survivors of the Amber Army, to which, managing to break through the entrance, they passed Clenia and noticed Turin in the distance. In that instant, however, Radamantio is attacked by the Cherodon, who orders the rest of the inhabitants to continue and help a warrior named Fedrick.

Appearance of Dar King in The King of Light by Federico Carro

The appearance of Dar King in front of Fedrick and Radamantio.

Subsequently Radamantio defeats the Cherodon and arrives to support Fedrick who joins him thus continuing in the direction of the Dark Master's castle. Inside, they finally find the crusader girl who, however, is the victim of Dar Queen's spell. A magical book inside reveals that it has left for the North Pole, but at that moment General Madow appears, who Radamantio attacks to give Fedrick time to find the divine sword.

Other related novels

The author has written other works that, despite not having the title of the King of Light or the Knight of Light, are always connected to his fantasy world.

The Secret of the Orchard

Federico Carro The secret of the Orchard cover

Federico Carro The secret of the Orchard cover

The Secret of Orchard[12] is Federico's first book that he began towards the last years of high school. The book is inspired by the town of Vernazza, where both the plot and part of the characters derive from a real situation and an imaginary part. The language of the novel is highly sought after and archaic, like the plot which is very mysterious and veiled in many circumstances.

The plot begins in a village with an unspecified name, chosen by the author to make the novel more aulic. Corcelsio, one of the protagonists together with Virtuoso, walks through the streets of the town, when suddenly a girl stands in front of him with the intention of killing him, at that moment the town bells ring and the girl disappears amidst the ringing of the bells. In the meantime, a mysterious ship lands in the port of the town, which the captain of the port Bonvassallo checks well, noting the fact that the ship is completely empty and without people inside.

Calling the local parish priest there in port to bless the ship before sinking it completely, Virtuoso and Michele arrive on the place. Suddenly, Ademaro, the captain of the vessel, stands next to the latter and explains his story and how he managed to land there, underlining the fact that a mysterious voice made his crew disappear by landing alone on the aforementioned island. After the story is told, the ship, attracted by a mysterious force, breaks and sinks before the eyes of the villagers and its captain.

Battered by the voyage and from this vision Ademaro collapses to the ground to which he is supported by Virtuoso, who under the encouragement of Michele to take him to retire and regain his strength elsewhere, Michele remains there as he finishes blessing the ship. During the journey Virtuoso, supporting Ademaro, they enter an inn to seek help, the villagers inside the room glared at the duo and without moving from their positions, Virtuoso decides to continue elsewhere. Outside the room, a doctor rushes to take Ademaro with him, taking him away to another place. Meanwhile Corcelsio reaches a grocery store taking with him what he needed.

Coming out of the shop all of a sudden in the middle of the street he steps on a necklace, at that moment when he picks it up Virtuoso appears and in giving him the necklace the two know each other. Corcelsio invites his new friend into his home. Therefore, following various paths, the duo exits the village and heads into an environment totally taken up by nature, where after a different walk the duo sees Corcelsio's house in the midst of the vegetation. Within him Virtuoso makes the acquaintance of Dalia, Corcelsio's wife and his son Fiordilisio. Virtuoso spends the rest of the day with them, eventually returning to his home.

The port similar to Vernazza in the Secret of the Orchard by Federico Carro

Ademaro's ship landing in the port of the village

The next morning, when the day still has to wake up, Dalia sneaks out of the house seeing herself with her lover Angelo in front of a river, where in kissing they promise to see each other again the next day. In the meantime Ademaro wakes up finding himself in a bare and dark room, finding a window completely nailed down, he kicks it in, noticing that in the sky there are dark clouds approaching in front of him, puts a note on the bed and decides to throw himself down the window to escape.

At that moment Virtuoso decides to visit the hospital where Ademaro was, there he discovers the note that Ademaro left and the fact that he ran away. Virtuoso decides to continue towards Corcelsio's house to warn him about what concerns Ademaro. On the way, however, Virtuoso crosses paths with the local storyteller named Alvaro who tells him the story of a prince named Lejack. Alvaro informing Virtuoso too much about forbidden stories inside the country, at that moment guards arrive and take him away. Virtuoso observing this scene decides to continue the journey towards Corcelsio's house.

Arrived at his destination Corcelsio goes out of the house when Virtuoso is exactly in front of the door, Corcelsio asks his friend to continue the conversation by walking in the direction of the nearby woods. Corcelsio begins to tell about an alleged treasure hidden by the last king who had lived in this land, indirectly underlining to Virtuoso the truth of the storyteller Alvaro. At that moment a squirrel appears trying to take an acorn near them, Virtuoso approaches him but the squirrel retreats, Corcelsio approaches himself taking the acorn and the squirrel eats quietly. Surprised by this Virtuoso asks Corcelsio how he did it, the latter replies instead that he is late and that he has to go home.

Virtuoso mind goes to his house, Corcelsio finds a lost girl in the middle of the woods named Evelia, the latter feeling scared in front of Corcelsio decides to run away. The next morning Dalia heads back towards the river, finding no one waiting for Angelo impatiently. In the meantime Virtuoso goes towards the local church meeting with Michele who shows him the note found on Ademaro's bed, finding it written to lay a flower to a person named Alfano. At that moment Michele letting himself be taken by his memories tells the story of him to Virtuoso. Once the latter has finished listening to the story, he decides to go to the cemetery of the place to look for Alfano's tombstone.

The church similar to Vernazza in the Secret of the Orchard by Federico Carro

The church with Michele inside

On finding him, at that moment a man named Efrén appears who tells him about a certain Dorian, who Virtuoso, mentioning the name of Corcelsio, gets furious and goes away. Finally Virtuoso, deciding to take a tour of the town, retires home. The following morning Evelia reveals to her father Rodoni about how she met Corcelsio, where in revealing her falsehood, an enraged Rodoni decides to head to Corcelsio's house to kill him. Once inside Corcelsio's house, he doesn't see anyone inside, so he decides to move out to the other side of the house in the direction of the owner's orchard.

Inside he sees the orchard totally crumbled by the flames, noticing the ash that made up the landscape he notes on the ground a piece of a frame of a painting, while picking it up he observes it carefully and as if enchanted by this object, he remains impassive and standing staring at it. Later, when dawn appears, Michele goes to visit Corcelsio's house to bless the houses, but on the way he crosses Corcelsio who orders him to continue somewhere else. Michele then decides to return to the village where is intercepted by Frediano the husband of his sister Aloara, who kills him and leaves him lifeless in an alley of the village.

Virtuoso sees the scene and runs home, but at that moment another person observes Virtuoso as he escapes from the alley. The next morning Michele is found lifeless by Aillen, the locals decide to call Virtuoso who rushes to Michele, at that moment Fiordilisio intervenes and while he was with Aillen to encourage her to react, Virtuoso appears and shows him where they have taken Michele. Fiordilisio and Aillen get to know each other and spend the day together, where they hug and kiss before going to their respective houses. While Fiordilisio is walking towards the house he accidentally collides with Evelia who falls to the ground, where the latter in tears explains to him that she no longer finds her father and that he is missing after he went to Corcelsio.

Fiordilisio takes Evelia to the doctor to have her examined for the fall during the meeting. Meanwhile in the village a man named Caritano dances and sings in the middle of the square giving spectacle and moments of joy to the locals, going in the direction of an alley he puts a cartoon over him and falls asleep, at that moment Frediano appears who massacres him by killing him. The next morning Corcelsio leaves the house and goes to the village tavern, at that moment his brother Zeno arrives to rob the tavern, who as soon as he sees Corcelsio shoots him and runs away.

Corcelsio in ruins wanders through the streets of the town without any help, collapsing in the middle of the road. While the town is taken by the snow Virtuoso walking through the streets meets a dear childhood friend of his named Malviano, who however turns out to be the one who observed Virtuoso during the night of Michele's killing, who blaming him for happened, he has him arrested and taken to his cell. In a short time, the hearing was created to blame Virtuoso at all costs, where even Malviano pays the judge to have the victim executed. During the hearing, however, the convict's father appears, Fausto who, taking the blame for the incident, is taken away on charges of murder and sentenced to death. Meanwhile Fiordilisio receives a visit from a doctor who informs him that his father is in hospital.

A small village similar to Vernazza in The Secret of the Orchard by Federico Carro

The Village

He then rushes to the hospital to find his father on a bare bed and with nothing or anyone around. There Corcelsio tells the story of his brother Zeno and together they leave the hospital going in the direction of Corcelsio's house. Halfway through Corcelsio decides to continue alone, thus leaving Fiordilisio, the latter heads home and meets Efrén who in speaking to us discovers a lot of negative information about his father. After the conversation Efrén turns to his work in getting wood to build a house for his family, there in front of the river he observes in the flow of water the image of Dalia with Angelo as they move away together towards a horizon. Just before cutting down a tree with an ax, Efrén is caught by lightning and is killed instantly.

Corcelsio reaches his home and discovers that his brother Zeno is at the door with a gun, after a long conversation a storm arrives that prevents us from understanding the final outcome of the battle. Meanwhile in the main square of the town everything is set up to execute Fausto but shortly before being killed his wife Melissa appears in the audience, who desperately screaming to let her husband live, the boglia suppresses Fausto without batting an eyelid. Meanwhile, far from the town in an inn a girl named Verdelia prays to heaven to give him the chance to kill Corcelsio, at that moment outside the inn a hooded individual appears who tells him to meet again tomorrow at the usual time if he wants to implement his revenge against Corcelsio, so in saying the duo moves away.

The next day Frediano, remembering his past, approaches Caldero's door which, recognizing Frediano barely, understands that it wants to kill him. At that moment the clouds envelop Frediano, who frightened Caldero returns to the house. Then, without hearing anything, he opens the door and instead of Frediano he finds a rose on the ground that takes it with him and brings it into the house, at that moment he knocks on the door and terrified Caldero screams to go away, but at that moment his daughter appears Aillen reassuring her father. After the situation calms down, Caldero tells about Frediano and his wife Violanda, Aillen's mother. The next morning, Melissa goes to church and going into the confessional, she confesses that she no longer wants to live to Virtuoso.

After the conversation she goes to the cemetery and through a powerful poison her life rises in front of the tomb of her husband Fausto. Subsequently Verdelia finds himself at the same time that the mysterious individual had promised him, at that moment outside the inn he meets her husband Ademaro, who by bringing out the memories, we understand the fact that Corcelsio was the son of Ademaro and Melissa, as well as this' last is Verdelia's sister. While Ademaro went on with the memories it turns out that it was he who brought Corcelsio home after the hospital where he was born collapsed, where in believing Melissa dead, he takes Corcelsio home to Verdelia.

Furthermore, Verdelia tells of the fact that one day the house went up in flames and Verdelia observing the figure of Corcelsio in the midst of the flames, hatred arises in her, slowly turning into resentment. At that moment, however, during the memories of man, the mysterious individual appears in the false and lifeless guise of Alfano, Ademaro's father, where the latter turns out to be a very different essence from a simple human being. Ademaro firing on the ground near the being, the latter collides with Ademaro, where Verdelia running away falls into a swamp, disappearing away in the middle of the mud. Later Aillen runs in search of Fiordilisio in revealing her love for him, but she meets the figure of Fiordilisio controlled by the being who tells him he doesn't love her at all.

Miriam in the Secret of the Orchard by Federico Carro

Princess Miriam

While Aillen runs home crying, the essence heads towards Virtuoso who tells him about Miriam, Lejack's sister and part of the history of the island. In the meantime, Caldero receives a letter at his house with the written word to gather everyone in the main square, where all the inhabitants of the place gathered, find Fiordilisio and the mayor. They announce that the absolute evil of the country is threatened by Corcelsio himself, where all together go to his house to try to kill him.


List of characters appearing in the novels:

The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods

The King of Light the Leviathan Army

The King of Light The rise of Destiny

  • Kialem
  • Fehlt
  • Dalkor
  • Deoream
  • Etuvum
  • Syndhan
  • Ginevra
  • Sirja
  • The Creator
  • Dianora
  • Enkelstar
  • Alexanderus
  • Dark Federk

The Knight of Light The Radamantio story

  • Leivah
  • Silfur
  • Criad
  • Chlaid
  • Svetla
  • Galdrad
  • Aurdrage
  • Alvaros
  • Queen Mahllad

The Secret of the Orchard

  • Corcelsio
  • Bonvassallo
  • Michele
  • Ademaro
  • Virtuoso
  • Doctor
  • Elsia
  • Dalia
  • Fiordilisio
  • Angelo
  • Patient
  • Alvaro
  • Prince Lejack
  • Leblanc
  • Evelia
  • Florencio
  • Efrén
  • Rodoni
  • Frediano
  • Aillen
  • Caritano
  • Host
  • Zeno
  • Malviano
  • Judge
  • Fausto
  • False doctor
  • Melissa
  • Mayor
  • Verdelia
  • Alfano
  • Caldero
  • Aloara
  • Violanda
  • Sigismond
  • Brando
  • Miriam
  • Being supernatural

Orders and tribes

List of orders, tribes but also groups of people who appear in the novels:

The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods

  • Crusades
  • Laog's Warriors
  • Sefur Wood Inhabitants
  • Prisoners
  • King's soldiers
  • Enchanted people
  • Imperial Knights
  • Hypnotized people
  • Leive's army
  • Fuar Beings
  • Hilgarf's Army
  • Taurini's Army
  • Radamantio's army
  • Lefi's Knights
  • Jehrais Army
  • Order of the Dark Gods

The King of Light the Leviathan Army

  • Council of Frekar
  • Skuggar tribe
  • Kurbit warriors
  • Tuc tribe
  • Leviathan Army
  • Warriors of Cuardaigh
  • Dark Army
  • Order of Thaikureta

The King of Light The rise of Destiny

  • Nashkir warriors
  • Omaras
  • Hierarchy of the Englirvold / Angels of the night
  • Hierarchy of Angels
  • Hierarchy of the Archangels
  • Fyrsterver hierarchy
  • Adwuorden hierarchy
  • Rhinwild hierarchy
  • Ohersyn hierarchy
  • Solar hierarchy
  • Hierarchy of the Cherubim
  • Hierarchy of the Seraphim
  • White Leviathan Army

The Knight of Light The Radamantio story

  • Amber Army
  • Imperial army
  • Order of the Diamond Ladies
  • Order of the Tundra Dragons
  • Army of diamond Dragons
  • Descendants of the Alfur
  • Lod Army


List of beasts that appear in the novels:

The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods

  • Soriagrer
  • Working ants
  • Black beetles
  • Stone guards
  • Mandrake
  • Mioraiven
  • Dragamantio
  • Akram
  • Jackal archers
  • Ibex
  • Golem
  • Cherodon
  • Giraffe - zebra
  • Leviathan

The King of Light the Leviathan Army

  • Fhianna
  • Worthsvin
  • Kraizen
  • Leitan
  • Vorour
  • Moth
  • Kutuka
  • Sekarang
  • Lebiahzar

The King of Light The rise of Destiny

  • Judea
  • Leviathan Mother

The Knight of Light The Radamantio story

  • Vlaud
  • Skleneny
  • Viervojn
  • Atlam
  • Micrivall

Places and settings

Specific designations and places that appear in the novels:

The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods

  • Jerusalem
  • Holy Sepulcher
  • Bethlehem
  • Sefur Wood
  • Forbidden zone
  • King Alagar's palace
  • Gaza
  • Endland
  • Lentas
  • Zaros
  • Kinsguard castle
  • Salazhar fortress
  • Malta
  • Proag village
  • Mount Merek
  • Lapok entry
  • Clenia entry
  • Melezet entry
  • Fuar village
  • Lancekrad Wild Lands
  • Forest of Dravite
  • Leniac Lands
  • Leniac Fortress
  • Zorark Lands
  • Reyndir World
  • Vals World
  • Turin
  • North Pole

The King of Light the Leviathan Army

  • Verlocke planet
  • Bridge of life
  • Planet of Wymiar
  • Lake of Lock
  • White sapphires wood
  • Wanorde Castle
  • Hagary village
  • Greine planet
  • Parsakaali village
  • Hiundervan planet
  • Sirden planet
  • Dark Cathedral
  • Darken planet
  • Nicari galaxy
  • Zavarhat planet
  • Kendra City
  • Planet of Destiny and Judgment

The King of Light The rise of Destiny

  • Khalimas planet
  • Gates of creation
  • Paradise
  • Ginevra's Fortress
  • Celestial way
  • Sealed world
  • The geometric universe
  • Rectangular planet
  • Place of Morork
  • The King of Light residence

The Knight of Light The Radamantio story

  • Crete Island
  • White Castle
  • Abyssal gallery
  • Prague
  • Celestial's Castle
  • Port of Sfinari
  • Port of Mavros
  • Dedina village
  • River of the past
  • Dark Wood
  • Drajiraz
  • Ancella Island
  • Vavilon Tower
  • Clenia entry

The Secret of the Orchard

  • Village
  • Port
  • Tavern
  • Corcelsio's house
  • Hospital
  • Wood
  • Church
  • Court
  • Main square
  • Inn
  • Corcelsio's Orchard

Magical artifacts

List of magical items that appear in the novels:

The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods

  • Green stone
  • Dragamantio's Rib
  • Pen
  • Lyjos' armor
  • Lance of Destiny
  • Silfurhiaga sword
  • Magic book

The King of Light the Leviathan Army

  • Lake Lock Barrier
  • Red sand arrow
  • Sirden's Heart

The King of Light The rise of Destiny

  • Destiny sword
  • Legendary columns of Paradise
  • Alexanderus necklace
  • Luce's Halberd

The Knight of Light The Radamantio story

  • Kinsguard's throne
  • Wreck
  • Quill pen
  • Seal of the tundra Dragons
  • Entrance of the tundra Dragons
  • Tower of the poor
  • Chlaidheamh sword

Universe structure

The author has created for each novel a concept map of his own world which is described and expressed in the book. In the first novel: "The Secret of the Orchard" the structure is an island, while in the second novel: "The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods"[13] a planet, in the third novel: "The King of Light the Leviathan Army "The galaxies are described which, however, take the forms of Leviathans, thus finding themselves in the Universe, in the fourth novel called:" The King of Light the rise of Destiny" Carro creates a new place that lies beyond the Universe itself, called by author: The Post-Universe.

The Secret of the Orchard

The map in the Secret of the Orchard by Federico Carro

Concept map of the island in The Secret of the Orchard by Federico Carro

Inside the structure of the island there is the small village taken from the author's first novel: "The Secret of the Orchard", where the other places that reveal themselves within the work are mentioned. The island in question is called: "The island of the perennial heart" and is located slightly north - west of the Forbidden Empire.

Most of the island is rich of vegetation, especially woods and paths hidden among the trees, as well as other secrets that are hidden at the ends of the island that still remain mysterious. Finally, the Tower like the rest of the village recall the features of the Ligurian town of Vernazza.

The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods

Concept Map of the Dar Queen's Dark Planet in the work of the King of Light The Order of the Dark Gods by Federico Carro

Concept Map of the Dar Queen's Dark Planet in the work of the King of Light The Order of the Dark Gods by Federico Carro

The world into which Fedrick is catapulted is called the Dark Planet, a name given by Dar Queen himself when he conquered the planet. The places and territories are similar to its parallel world called: Earth. However, the Dark Planet presents itself with cities that have the same name on Earth, such as Turin, Lyon and Prague.

The author chose these three cities because according to some legends from the Earth, positive energy flows into the three cities, while evil energy flows into the Dark Planet since they are the three capitals of evil. Furthermore, the following cities such as Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Gaza are totally altered compared to the original ones of the Earth, as well as human people can be found, such places are inhabited by tribes or orders that are human hybrids connected by other animal beings such as the Laog warriors who are a cross between man and lions.

The Forbidden Empire extends towards the north and is practically the center of the world which thus divides the planet from the East and the West. The Forbidden Empire is divided into three zones, in the south there are the wild lands of Lancekrad, in the center the lands of Leniac and finally further north that surrounds the capital Turin, there are the lands of Zorark. Finally, in addition to all the places where Fedrick ventures, the commercial triangle is present in the map: Scauri, Malta and the Forbidden Empire itself.

The Knight of Light The Radamantio story

Concept map of the East of the Dar Queen's Dark Planet in the work of the Knight of Light the Radamantio story by Federico Carro

Concept map of the East of the Dar Queen's Dark Planet in the work of the Knight of Light the Radamantio story by Federico Carro

The eastern structure of the Dark Planet is entirely dominated by the evil Dar King and is presented with words mainly near the areas of Prague, since mainly the rest is vegetation, or lands destroyed by Dar King and his Amber Army.

Before Prague can see the various areas that are traveled by Radamantio up to Turin. Also in this map there is the other entrance to the Forbidden Empire, an entrance that connects the central part of the world with that of the East.

The King of Light the Leviathan Army

Concept map of the Universe in the work of the King of Light The Leviathan army by Federico Carro

Concept map of the Universe in the work of the King of Light The Leviathan army by Federico Carro

As Mener explains, each system has its own planet that reflects the future that is yet to come and a planet that brings back the past of the present planet. An example is the planet of Verlocke which is the world of the future of the planet of Dar Queen, while Framh represents the world of the past. Furthermore, each galaxy has its own parallel system, just as the planets themselves also have their own parallel world.

For example, this happens when Fedrick passes from planet Earth to the Dark Planet. According to the author, the structure of the Universe is delimited by a particular and incomplete shape, since as will be explained in the novel: "The King of Light the Rise of Destiny" the Universe is part of a much larger system called: "Post-Universe". In addition, the map identifies the location of each place where Fedrick ventures, also noting the location of the dark whirlpool created by Dar Queen, as well as the location of the other Leviathans that are still forming through his passage to the edge of the Universe.

The King of Light The rise of Destiny

Concept map of the Post-Universe in the work of the King of Light The rise of Destiny by Federico Carro

Concept map of the Post-Universe in the work of the King of Light The rise of Destiny by Federico Carro

The Post-Universe thus described by the author indicates that external delineation that borders and territorializes the other universes within it. As indicated by the map, if look from above beyond the extremes of the Post-Universe will find Heaven, while if look from the side, Hell is presented both above and below the existence of the whole. Furthermore, the shape of the Post-Universe is not at all accidental, as it emphasizes the figure of a gigantic and mythological creature called: "The Leviathan Mother". Such a creature would be the essence of the Post-Universe itself, controlled by Dar Queen towards the end of the second celestial war.

The map seen from above shows a small dark right side, it would be a small piece of the world of shadow and darkness, bounded by the legendary columns of Paradise controlled by the King of Light, where the dark outer part of the universe where Fedrick comes from, in reality it would always be part of the area destined for the King of Light. Finally, every Universe within the Post-Universe, a black hole can be glimpsed with the Leviathans controlled by Dar Queen above, while below the white Leviathans controlled by Luce.

Natural elements

The prism of natural elements present in The King of Light by Federico Carro

The prism of the natural elements.

The natural elements are magical powers linked to certain types of elements present in nature that are exploited by certain types of characters during the saga. The first time this kind of power appears was when Kinsguard used the power of the wind linked to his evil powers to prevent Fedrick's advance in the author's second novel: "The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods".[14]

Some characters are closely linked by certain natural elements that identify their power, for example Radamantio is mainly linked to the natural power of the wind, but from this element the same character can develop and expand his power to make the most of his qualities. The power linked to the elements can be transmitted through weapons or in any case protections, but they can also be exploited without weapons, even if this power would be less precise and more uncontrolled.

The power linked to Fedrick is light, but he can exploit the other elements at will, especially after meeting Amala in Federico's third novel "The King of Light the Leviathan Army".[15] Amala best explains the powers of the natural elements, such as the fact that during a fight one cannot defeat the Light with the Light, where in that case they would heal each other instead of hurting each other.

In this case can to use its opposite, so if want to hurt a character who takes advantage of the energy of the natural element of light can to use the element of darkness as well as for example if want to fight fire have to exploit the natural element of water. As Amala herself quotes: "Water can beat the earth, earth can put out fire, while fire can neutralize electricity and finally the circle closes with the latter that can make water vanish". From this concept understand the values of the natural elements and how they could be exploited against certain strokes and certain characters.

These natural elements are defined as primary natural elements that can blend together, to give life to the secondary natural elements, also there are several characters in the saga who manage to convey these powers with other elements, for example Radamantio manages to mix the power of the wind with that of fire. According to the author's ideology, the natural elements are therefore divided into three categories, namely: primary natural elements, secondary natural elements and complementary natural elements.

Primary natural elements

The primary natural elements are the basic elements that make up the base of the prism of the elements. As if they were the primary colors within a palette, if blended together they can generate secondary natural elements, while if more elements are blended together they form a tertiary element without a specific name.


Primary natural element was used in its entirety for example by Jehrais when he appears to save Radamantio against General Madow in the author's second book: "The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods".[16] Fire is capable of neutralizing electricity and can be extinguished by the earth and completely annihilated by water.


Primary natural element is used in its entirety by the Nashkir of Kialem in the author's fourth book: "The King of Light the Rise of Destiny". Here the element is fully exploited by recreating columns and even terrible earthquakes. Earth can put out fire, water can neutralize it, while electricity has no effect on earth.


Primary natural element is used mainly on the planet of Hiundervan in the Federico's third book: "The King of Light the Leviathan Army". Those who exploit it can create currents or columns of water, even managing to flood a large quantity present in a certain place. Water can beat the earth, can disappear through electricity and can permanently neutralize fire.


Primary natural element mainly exploited in combination with other natural elements such as wind, it is able to make water disappear, neutralize fire, while having no effect on the earth.

Secondary natural elements

The secondary natural elements are obtained through the union of the primary natural elements which together generate a much higher power than the basic ones. There are characters who combine several natural elements together, for example a natural element with a secondary one, this simply generates a tertiary element without a specific name that takes full advantage of the strength of the elements combined together.


Secondary natural element is achieved by the union of fire and earth which together create an element much more resistant and stable than the earth itself which, however, requires a certain mastery to better control it, given the power and hardness of which it is endowed. element. The diamond can be overcome by the will-o'-the-wisp, while it can destroy the ice.


Secondary natural element is composed of primary elements such as earth and water. This natural element is often combined with the wind to expand its power even more, and if exploited to the fullest it can freeze or create real storms of blizzard. Ice can be destroyed by diamond while it can freeze and overcome the natural element of wind.


Secondary natural element is generated by the fusion of water and electricity. Generally exploited with other elements, the owner manages to create real tornadoes or gigantic whirlwinds. This element can be neutralized by ice but can easily beat the blue will-o'-the-wisp.

Blue will-o'-the-wisp

Natural element that arises from the fusion of fire and electricity. Exploited by the strongest characters or by certain and specific beings, this element is a direct evolution of fire, capable of melting even the diamond, but can be defeated by the natural element of the wind.

Complementary natural elements

The complementary natural elements are of another rank compared to the other elements and are considered the strongest elements that stand in the two apexes of the prism of the elements. Respectively they are light and darkness, exploited not only by good or bad characters, but also by neutral characters who, in order to further improve themselves, exploit the power of the two complementary elements.


Complementary natural element is mainly exploited by Fedrick especially after having obtained the Silfurhiaga. Element that distinguishes the subjects who refer to the good, it is a very powerful natural element able to dissolve the other primary and secondary elements, but it could be weak against the darkness if the subject in question is not up to the power of individual who opposes it.


Complementary natural element is mainly used by those who exercise evil. Dar Queen very often exploits this element managing to extend it to the limit by generating powerful dark energies, even creating black holes.

This element can wipe out both the primary and secondary natural elements, but it can be beaten by its contrasting element of light, this will depend on the two subjects and their potential, the more the individual exercises a specific element and the more powerful it becomes in that single element, however, one could easily fall into Fedrick's mistake in exploiting only one element, since during a fight more elements could be amalgamated, making the base element stronger.

For example, Radamantio exploits the power linked to the wind a lot, but his father Kinsguard amalgamating the wind with the darkness, brings out his potential more, resulting greater than that of Radamantio for having amalgamated more elements, especially if this element is an element complementary that greatly increases the power of any primary or secondary element.

Language and tribal symbols

Fedrick in The King of Light by Federico Carro

Fedrick in the novel: "The King of Light the Leviathan Army" where there are tribal symbols on his armor and sword.

Some characters among the various novels have tribal symbols that have a specific color that identifies their belonging. Therefore such symbols placed on certain subjects identify that they are possessed by another identity much more superior to it.

They are magical symbols which, however, do not give powers to those who possess them, however they make it clear that they are not ordinary beings, since those who possess the symbols still have a magical gift in themselves. Furthermore, these tribal symbols are part of an alphabet created by the author, which underlines the fact that they are not random symbols, but that they have a context of language and expression, symbolizing an order or simply a word that can make people remember something specific. who owns such symbols.

The tribal symbols were invented by the Creator realizing as the first expression the White Language, spoken initially with the angelic order and later with Syslomaour and Enkelstar, when Dar Queen was born it realized as a counter expression the Dark Language, defined tribal mainly to indicate the first tribes and orders existing with the first archaic language available among the deities.

Tribal symbols

Golden color

They are symbols that have the meaning of rebirth and are the first tribal symbols that appeared for the first time in the author's first novel: "The Secret of the Orchard". The first to possess them was a doctor who appears before Fiordilisio, as well as Alfano later on with the same tribal symbols on his arm. In that case the meaning resumes that of rebirth and possession since the supernatural being that governs within the structure of the Secret of the Orchard is an individual who possesses the person both alive and lifeless as in the case of Alfano. So the rebirth takes place in another form and in another aspect, understood as a new life managed by the supernatural being.

Silver color

Tribal silver symbols identify the time. The first time such symbols appeared was during the first appearance of the supernatural being in the novel: "The Secret of the Orchard". The second time they appear instead in the author's second novel, namely: "The King of Light, the Order of the Dark Gods" when Fedrick finds the sacred vestiges of Lyjos, when precisely the brightness of the armor falls, the tribal symbols in silver color that represent time, but also individual growth as precisely identified in Fedrick's path but also refers to the evolution of the supernatural being, evolution in that case negative while positive for Fedrick.

Amaranth color

These symbols represent slavery and identify that they can be exploited and sold as a jester in Scauri. The first time that this tribal symbol appears is in the author's second novel: "The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods", when Fedrick in Malta hears the words of Aglaval who tells the story, at that moment Florjan shows such symbols on his body, revealing his past membership in his slave state.

Purplish color

This symbol expresses the highest evil in the world, it is the undisputed symbol of absolute evil possessed by Dar Queen. This symbol appears in the author's second novel: "The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods" both on Dar Queen and on Raour, Fleyrd's father who, before the fight, takes off his armor, highlighting the evil symbols on his body, this identifies the fact that the Knights of Lefi also have tribal symbols in their bodies, branded by Dar Queen himself as well as present on Fleyrd and General Madow.

Spring green color

These symbols appear in the author's second book and are shown briefly by Madilim when she takes off his cassock. This symbol identifies his belonging to his native tribe.

Straw color

Appeared for the first time in the author's third book: "The King of Light the Leviathan Army", they identify belonging and believing centered on Ollovar. As the chief Tuc refers, the meaning of "possessing in the name of celestial light" is found, underlining the fact that whoever has such symbols on him or in the structure where lives, demonstrates devotion to Ollovar. The first time is glimpsed when Fedrick and Luce they find themselves in the village of the Tuc, where the duo notices these symbols on the walls and on some parts of the ground.

Hunter green color

The tribal symbol with the hunter green color identifies possession by the evil side of the subject. Each individual within the world of the King of Light has their own shadow and dark side, depending on how the dark side could manifest its power within a given subject, hunter green tribal symbols always appear for emphasize both psychophysical and mental possession.

This tribal symbol first appears during the author's third book: "The King of Light the Leviathan Army" when Fedrick observes the couple in love in the village of the Tuc who are brutally killed, chases the killer in flight, making them escape from the Silfurhiaga the hunter green tribal symbols, an indication of his evil side getting the better of Fedrick's mind. Furthermore, this tribal symbol appears on Dar King, which emphasizes the fact that this dark being is actually the evil side of Dar Queen himself.

Black color

The black tribal symbol appears for the first time in Federico's third book: "The King of Light the Leviathan Army", when Fedrick reaches the Planet of Destiny and Judgment and he meets the Black Angel of Death showing on his body the tribal symbols. These belong to the Black Angel of Death and Syslomaour. Whoever possesses these tribal symbols obtains the ability to collect souls to take to the Planet of destiny and judgment, therefore the possessor does not have the power to kill, but rather the power to guard the souls to be processed.

Midnight blue color

Such symbols were hinted at in Federico's second novel: "The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods" when Florjan on Malta spoke of the fact that those who were under the oppression of the Night Master were branded with the tribal symbols in midnight blue, identification sign of belonging to Dar Jack.

In the author's fourth novel: "The King of Light the Rise of Destiny" when Fedrick meets Dianora the evil part of Isabel, to which the tribal symbols of midnight blue are manifested on the girl, Federico makes it clear that the tribal symbols of midnight blue identify the part of the shadow of the individual, consequently Dar Jack is none other than the part of the shadow of Dar Queen himself.

Brownish color

These symbols appear for the first time in Federico's fourth book: "The King of Light the Rise of Destiny" when Fedrick meets Enkelstar, this identifies belonging to logic and reasoning, as well as to mathematics and the forms of expressions such as the white and dark language that govern all creation.

Ochre color

These symbols appear in Federico's fourth book: "The King of Light the Rise of Destiny" when Fedrick manages to become The King of Light himself in full version, making him appear such tribal symbols that identify his degree of divinity.

Language and expression

The language expressed by some characters identify their belonging to a certain rank, such as Dar Queen and the Creator who express themselves in Latin, such as Dar King who speaks to his subordinates in Cyrillic. From this over time has given rise to two styles of languages that can only decode certain individuals.

Dar Queen speaks in dark Latin such as Dar King, this type of language can only be conceived by the subjects of Dar Queen such as Dar King and Dar Jack, it cannot be understood for example by the Creator who has the language itself instead White. These types of language are mainly used to make certain expressions not understood by the other opposing faction.

Therefore the white language cannot be understood by those who instead speak with the dark language, but both can dialogue through the Latin that the author identifies as the divine language, to which only the divinities use it, such as the Creator, the same Dar Queen and the King of Light.

The white language

The White Language in The King of Light by Federico Carro

The tribal symbols of the White Language

The White Language is the form of expression spoken within beings belonging to the world of good. It was created from the dawn of time by the Creator as a form of language and communication through the angels and other organs that manage it all.

This language is expressed vocally as if it were Latin, but in written form it is presented in the form of tribal symbols which thus hide its meaning and significance.

Subsequently with the birth of Dar Queen this language was used by the Creator and the other beings of light to communicate with each other in a way not to be understood by those who use the dark language, to conceal orders and important information that could damage the balance of the created.

The dark language

The Dark Language in The King of Light by Federico Carro

The tribal symbols of the Dark Language

Dark language is the expressive and speech form used by those who exercise evil. This language was invented by Dar Queen to counteract the white language, to conceal important information and projects through which the Dark Master shares within his evil order.

Although vocally this language is expressed in ecclesiastical Latin, the written expressive form is presented with tribal symbols very different from the white language. Both languages are used to counter each other, but they maintain commonality that they are used by divine beings such as the Creator and Dar Queen and semi-divine beings such as Syslomaour and Enkelstar.

However, both languages do not allow to be assimilated by people of lower rank than the semi divine, this will lead to the Order of the Dark Gods to create another language with which to communicate with their subordinates. For example, Dar King speaks through the expression of Cyrillic, where it also appears in written language with the various symbols of that language, while Dar Jack speaks and writes through the Greek language.

Shadow concept and dark side

Within the saga there are characters who turn out to be part of the shadows, or the evil parts of the original being. These concepts are further emphasized with the appearance of Dianora in the author's novel: "The King of Light the Rise of Destiny", making it clear that Isabel also has the dark side of her.

This actually delineates that every living being has both shadow and darkness, in practice when an individual is born in a certain place both the shadow of himself and his dark part come to life. It is said that both the shadow and the darkness are destined to meet the clear and original part of the individual, whoever wins the battle acquires the power of the other side by fully completing the dark side, or the shadow side, or the clear part of the individual.

This concept also highlights the properties necessary to become the King of Light, so that, as happens to Fedrick, who manages to defeat his evil part which, however, in that case presents itself as both the dark part and part of his own shadow, he manages to convert this energy and insert it in its good part, thus becoming the King of Light. Unlike the light part that is born inside a certain place in the universe, the dark part and the shadow part are born inside a world initially called: "forbidden zone of nothingness", but which is actually called : "The world of shadow and darkness".

As will be explained in the author's subsequent novels, the shadows and darkness of each individual are born within their own world, only certain individuals have managed to escape from that world, thus finding themselves in the universe of things. But if these beings are born with a very high power and inclined to darkness, or they reveal themselves to be inclined to the shadow of the original individual, these beings will therefore find themselves in an unspecified point of the universe and not within the shadow world and darkness. This is basically what happens to Dar Queen at the dawn of time. Therefore, three essential points that make up every single existing individual can be identified from this reasoning:

Clear side

When an individual is born he decides whether or not to accept the birth, since as noted in the author's novel: "The King of Light the Rise of Destiny" each of himself observes what is due to him in life, decides whether or not to be born and depending on of what fate decides, such an individual is born good or bad. Certainly the individual in question can choose in life what he really wants to be, but if fate has decided that this individual is actually good, it is defined as: "Clear part" or "Good part" or the original part of himself. So in this case the individual presents himself as the good part of himself, where the path will go towards the direction of good, but despite the fact that fate has declared that this being will be inclined to good, the final decision of how actually wants to be.

Dark Side

In this case, if the destiny before even being born decides that an individual must be born inside the darkness, it is born evil with the intent of finding its good part to defeat it and to increase its power, becoming totally evil. Unlike the good side who has no interest in seeking their own bad side, the dark side has every interest in reuniting with the good side to take it upon themselves by becoming a complete villain, in which case if DKFK had won against Fedrick it would be became the King of Darkness and not the King of Light as happened with Fedrick.

Shadow side

The concept of shadow defines the aspect that takes vigor from being original as happens for example in Dar Jack. This mysterious concept actually contains the final destiny of the main individual, the shadow therefore portrays exactly what the final being of himself looks like.

Conceptually speaking if Fedrick had another being who would have presented himself as the shadow of the clear part of himself once he became the King of Light, but not complete as the shadow part would be missing to complete the process to become the complete King of Light, the shadow although of nature is neutral but tends more in the direction of darkness, in that case the shadow would have become a totally clear and light shadow, therefore devoted to good.

To explain these concepts can take for example the triad of the Order of the Dark Gods, namely: Dar Queen, Dar King and Dar Jack. Initially they were a single being during the first battle against the Creator, in practice Dar Queen was already in itself the evil part of the Creator, once this entity was divided into three parts, the being became precisely: Dar Queen, Dar King and Dar Jack.

Dar Queen in that case would have become a unitary being as if it were a light part, but it would actually present itself in the dark part of itself, Dar King would represent the dark part of the light individual who however presents himself as dark, while Dar Jack is the shadow of Dar Queen. The Dark Master is therefore the only being within the saga that is born as a dark part, which, however, dividing conceptually is as if it were reborn in another distinct being, therefore as if it were the clear part of itself but obscured by its wickedness.

Although the shadow mainly arises in the world of shadow and darkness it can be influenced by the events that surround it by changing its nature. In the world of shadow and darkness if the shadow turns out to be too weak it will slowly become evil, affecting the original part of itself, in which case it could create a direction of the original being towards evil rather than good.

Editions of the works

Cinematographic works

Federico has written several scripts taken directly from his novels. These projects are works to which the author aims to launch them as films in the cinema, also having a financial plan made together with Jack Binder a Hollywood producer.

The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods (Script)

The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods screenplay by Federico Carro

The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods screenplay

The screenplay: "The king of light the order of the dark gods" is born from the author's need to put his second novel in a film version. The screenplay is therefore a re-adaptation of the novel suitable to be played in a Fantasy film that tells the stories of Fedrick.

The beginning of the screenplay starts differently than the novel, and then reconnects to the novel when the crusader is inside the settlements, the night before the war that was about to look at dawn. Certain aspects of the script have been changed and certain parts cut. For example, in the script the part in which Salazhar appears in the novel is not present in the script, as well as many parts present when Fedrick arrives in Gaza. This obviously is to keep the work within a certain duration of the hypothetical making of the film.

The Secret of the Orchard (Script)

The Secret of the Orchard screenplay by Federico Carro

The Secret of the Orchard screenplay

Federico's second screenplay is made using the author's first novel in a cinematic key, so called: "The Secret of the Orchard". The script is emphasized with more action and adventure, where the author creates new connected events between people within the country.

Thus new mysteries are conceived which are solved, emphasizing certain aspects and characters that come out in the light of the sun. While the original book is put under a fairytale key, the screenplay makes the characters more concrete, revealing their true nature which is hidden in the book.

There are therefore new scenes never seen in the book, new characters and other settings hidden by the veil that the book carries. The book has many flashbacks of the various characters, the author interpreted this factor in the script, creating ten flashbacks, thus drawing inspiration from Boccaccio's Decameron.

List of cinematographic works

Musical works

The King of Light (album)

The King of Light album cover by Federico Carro

The King of Light album cover by Federico Carro

The King of Light [33]album is a collection of instrumental music, taken from the author's first compositions. The works are made with the piano and with environmental effects and synthesizers, in the form of an epic music, sometimes melancholy, suitable to underline the adventures of Federico's novels. The project born from Federico's need to exploit such music, thus creating videos to advertise his subsequent literary works.


Awards and recognition

  • Second place literary competition "Emily Dickinson" (2019)
  • Best script at the film festival "Diamond Film Awards" (2019)[42]
  • Finalist at the film festival: Beverly Hills screenplay contest (2019)
  • Platinum Award at the film festival: "Mindfield film festival - Los Angeles" in Hollywood (2019)[43]
  • Honourable Win at the Film Festival: "LA FA Los Angeles Film Awards" in Hollywood" (2019)[44]
  • Winning as a semi-finalist at the film festival: "Utah Film Festival and Awards" (2019)[45]
  • Official selection at the film festival: "Rome Prisma independent Film Awards" (2019)
  • Official selection at the film festival: "Beyond Earth Film Festival" (2019)
  • Winning as Semi-finalist at the film festival: "Indie Visions Film Festival" (2019)
  • Best script at the international film festival: "Crown Wood International film festival" (2019)[46]
  • Official selection at the film festival: "Thinking Hat Fiction Challenge" (2019)
  • Gold Prize Award at the film festival: "Hollywood Screenplay Contest" in Hollywood (2019)
  • Award of excellence at the film festival: "Cine Magic Film Fest" (2019)[47]
  • Grand Prize Award at the film festival: "New York Screenplay Contest" (2019)
  • International literary recognition in the competition: "Il club dei poeti" (2019)
  • International literary prize in the competition: "Progetto alfa giovani" (2019)[48]
  • Best Original Screenplay at the International Film Festival: "Hollywood on The Tiber Film Awards" (2021)[49]
  • Official selection at the film festival: "Flickfair on-demand film festival" (2021)
  • Official selection at the film festival: "Sweet Democracy Film Awards" (2021)


  • According to some statements by the author, the day after disappearance of Stephen Hawking, rain appeared, Federico finding himself out of the house and looking at the sky exclaiming: "they look like dewdrops coming from a tender cry!". At that moment the author comes to mind the structure of the Post-Universe, the universe that therefore inspired the figure and intelligence of Stephen Hawking.


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