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The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods[1] is the first English script based on the second novel by Federico Carro know by his pen name Frederick A. Chariot, it is the author's first cinematographic work. The screenplay narrates in a cinematic key the first volume of the fantasy trilogy called: "The King of Light"[2] which tells the story of Fedrick, a crusader who is catapulted into a parallel world from his original world.


Recent cover of the book The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods by Federico Carro

Recent cover of the book The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods by Federico Carro

The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods[3] is the second novel by Federico Carro, initially idealized with another title just before concluding his first novel: "Il Segreto del Verziere[4]". The novel is the first volume of the fantasy trilogy called: “The King of Light” which tells the story of Fedrick, a crusader who is thrown into a world parallel to his original world. The plot begins in Jerusalem with a messenger running to reach Godfrey of Bouillon to warn the arrival of Afdal.

While the Crusaders are setting up the field for the war that was to begin the next day, Fedrick, tormented by the war that was about to arise, expresses his doubts to his friend Humbert. Unable to sleep due to too many thoughts, Fedrick notices a green light coming from the Holy Sepulcher from afar, letting himself be enchanted by the glow, he chases the light up inside, finding a green stone above the tomb, which, falling to the ground, breaks and a being dark invaded by the green light that makes him faint.

After recovering a while, he leaves the Holy Sepulcher noticing only the desert around him. After several days of walking in an empty desert, Fedrick begins to falter and remember his Isabel. Suddenly, however, he is attacked by beasts called Soriagrer who, however, losing consciousness is saved by the arrival of Ker and other warriors.

Fedrick finding himself inside a tent, wakes up with Melchior a lion man in front of him, revealing to him that he is in Bethlehem, after a few moments the bells ring for the whole village, Melchior lets the crusader know that this sound of celebration indicates the future union with the East and the West through the marriage of Princess Amphriosa daughter of King Alkor and Flemgard the son of King Valgar.

Ker in The King of Light by Federico Carro

An artwork of Ker

Fedrick coming out of the tent crosses Ker who saved him, pointing out that he was about to leave for Gaza, Fedrick insists to accompany him, leaving together for that destination. On the way they cross the Wood of Sefur, an enchanted place where it is forbidden to stay awake at nightfall, where nothing is ever the same as before the day after.

One night, hearing noises, Fedrick wakes up to find himself in front of the wood without trees, with stones and people dancing. Fedrick wakes Ker and the people of the woods get scared and hide among the rocks, one of them Mirea talks to Fedrick revealing the spell that keeps them sealed in the woods. Fedrick and Ker therefore decide to head to the forbidden zone to save the local people.

Coming out of the woods accompanied by Mirea, the duo cross the trees and face the dunes of a desert. After a long journey they find themselves in a meadow with a palace where Violante and her husband of her King Alagar live. Fedrick and Ker confront the king and through the intervention of Violante they manage to win and free the people of the wood from the spell, returning back the people decide to follow the duo to Gaza.

Finally reached the city Fedrick decides he wants to go to sea, but his adventure is hindered by the local monarch, that is, King Alkor. After a long series of events the people of Gaza, including slaves and prisoners inside the city join the ideals of Fedrick to which he faces the king by winning the battle, as thanks he is allowed to leave through whales in the shape of a ships called Mioraiven.

Before leaving, Fedrick realizes that Turin is the capital of the Forbidden Empire of absolute evil within the world. Among the freed prisoners there is a warrior named Jehrais who accompanies Fedrick across the sea. While sailing to the Forbidden Empire, the crusader boat was diverted by the power of Emperor Kinsguard and reached the shores of Endland.

Kinsguard's Castle in the King of Light by Federico Carro

Kinsguard's Castle

After a violent storm Fedrick and Jehrais manage to survive finding themselves in an enchanted village, after figuring out how to undo the spell of the place, they learn that the rest of the crew has been taken by the Emperor of Endland, namely Kinsguard. Deciding he wants to continue his journey, Fedrick gets it into his head to continue to Zaros, the place where Kinsguard resides to take back the crew and put an end to the various spells scattered among the villages. Before leaving, Fedrick is informed that the emperor's castle is protected by wind whirlwinds and that in order to pass he will have to find the Dragamantio's Rib. While Jehrais stays in the village to help the people, Fedrick sets out into the unknown in search of the Dragamantio's Rib. During the walk in the marshes he manages to free Prince Flemgard who comes to the aid of the crusader if together they find Elizabeth the prince's girlfriend. On the way, the duo are chased by imperial guards, where they are saved by the arrival of Anthèlme who indicates the position of the Dragamantio's Rib and of the girl.

Kinsguard in The King of Light by Federico Carro

An artwork of Kinsguard

In the meantime, Jehrais manages to save many villagers whom he gathers in a small army, thus advancing towards Zaros. Fedrick finding the Dragamantio's Rib the group heads towards the castle thus facing Kinsguard. After a heated fight with the imperial troops, his commanders and the emperor himself who was about to prevail, Kinsguard is killed by his son Radamantio, freed from the throne in which he was hiding.

After fixing everything Radamantio becomes friends with Fedrick and Jehrais, the trio decides to separate in such a way as to try to annihilate the Order of the Dark Gods, an evil order that dominates the world, where they reside in their three capitals, namely: Turin dark capital dominated by the Dark Master with the original name of Dar Queen, Prague dominated by the Celestial Master with the original name of Dar King and Lyon dominated by the Night Master with the original name of Dar Jack.

Radamantio after explaining the objectives gives Fedrick a magic pen, a seal to unlock the divine sword called Silfurhiaga which is said to have the strength to destroy the evil dark order, along with the other two swords residing in Prague and Lyon respectively. After some time the trio took three ships heading to their respective capitals, Jehrais to Lyon, Radamantio to Prague and Fedrick to Turin. After leaving Endland, Fedrick's navigation is interrupted by Salazhar, the crew is kidnapped and through various tricks they manage to escape, heading towards the entrance of the Forbidden Empire a dark cloud and smoke appears, noting in a short time that they are a multitude of stones that cause the vessel to sink.

Akram in The King of Light by Federico Carro

An artwork of Akram

Finding himself all safe on the coasts of Malta and increasingly convinced of reaching Turin, Fedrick learns that the last phoenix in existence is located in Mount Merek. Accompanied by volunteers, the crusader reaches the top of the mountain and manages to convince the phoenix named Akram to leave for the Forbidden Empire. The crusader on Akram's back crosses the sea until he reaches the entrance to the Forbidden Empire, overcoming dark clouds the duo glimpses many volcanoes. Akram escaping from many rocks is hit and falls into the magma while Fedrick leaping into the hot earth finds himself in front of the Army of Leive, an army of individuals of lava. The crusader is taken and rescued by the grandson of Faghy the chief of the village of Fuar who lives under the land of volcanoes. The boy realizes that he must meet with a certain Fleyrd to receive his help to get closer to Turin, but without much explanation the Army of Leive advances into the village of Fuar forcing Fedrick to flee to the surface with Faghy.

Fleyrd in The King of Light by Federico Carro

An artwork of Fleyrd

The crusader finds himself in an expanse of grass and rocks, in a few moments some arrows fall to the ground, Fedrick sees brick barriers with archers on top with the resemblance to jackals. Running and trying to dodge the enemy's attack, Faghy grabs him and brings him in front of Fleyrd, a Knight of Lefi, the Dark Master's army par excellence. Fleyrd explains to Fedrick that he met Isabel and that he convinced him to look for the boy to make them meet. Fleyrd decides to join the Crusader, setting out together to search for a magical jar that heals wounds and vestiges of Lyjos so they can protect the Crusader from adversity. Obtaining the magic jar they are taken aback by King Hilgarf's guards who take the jar from them, chasing the kidnappers the duo falls into a whirlpool of water that through a very powerful jet throws them up into the sky landing on the clouds. Finding the vestiges of Lyjos they are attacked by the Cherodon, a mystical being who guards the skies, at that moment Akram arrives who is much larger than before and saves them by taking them away. The Cherodon chases them up in front of King Hilgarf's castle, to which stunned by the power of the sovereign they are captured and taken inside the fortress.

Madilim in The King of Light by Federico Carro

An artwork of Madilim

The trio is saved by Madilim, a girl with mantis arms sent by Jehrais to help Fedrick. The girl holding the magic jar in her hand cures Akram who fly away from the king's castle, the latter irritated by their escape unleashes Zeleny a giant tree that intertwines her branches to try to recover the group.

Suddenly a vortex with a dark sphere of energy, sweeps Zeleny, the sovereign's guards and the castle with the king inside, reducing everything to ashes. Fedrick and the rest of the group awaken in an alternate dimension controlled by King Lenoire's mind that protects them from enemy attacks. The king explains to the crusader how to deal with Zakro, the evil creature and emperor of the Forbidden Empire who is guarding Turin.

After entrusting him with the Lance of Destiny, they face Zakro by defeating him with the Lance. At that moment Radamantio arrives presenting himself with two huge wings behind his back, with golden armor and with the legendary sword in his possession. Radamantio's army that followed him joins Fedrick and the rest of the group as they enter Turin, until they reach the Dark Master's castle.

Madow in The King of Light by Federico Carro

An artwork of Madow

Overcoming without difficulty with anyone around the fortress, Fedrick arrives inside the room where Isabel is stored. The crusader tries to wake the girl to no avail, at that moment a magical book appears informing the boy of the spell in which the girl has fallen victim by the Dark Master, also pointing out to him that the latter has left for the North Pole, at that moment the book is destroyed by the arrival of General Madow, the leader of the Knights of Lefi who starts the plane called Darkerd.

In that instant a multitude of the Knights of Lefi invade Turin, Radamantio throws himself headlong into the fight against Madow, while the rest of Radamantio's army faces off against the Knights of Lefi. Fleyrd accompanies Fedrick in looking for the Silfurhiaga a divine sword of light that lies hidden within Turin. While Madilim with the magic jar defend defenseless Isabel inside the castle, Fleyrd on the way meets his father Raour to whom they begin to fight. After several obstacles Fedrick finds the legendary sword, heading towards Radamantio.

Meanwhile, the latter cornered by Madow, comes the intervention of Jehrais who also presents himself with the likeness of Radamantio also in possession of the legendary sword, fighting against Madow. At that moment Fedrick also appears transformed and with wings, Jehrais decides to stop and fight against Madow, while Radamantio and Fedrick head towards the North Pole in search of the Dark Master.

The first Leviathan in The King of Light by Federico Carro

The birth of the first Leviathan

On their way in the middle of the sea, Dar King reappears and starts fighting Radamantio again, Fedrick decides to continue reaching the North Pole. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is invaded by the Knights of Lefi devastating the world, Fedrick reaches the North Pole facing Dar Queen. The latter points out to Fedrick the approach of the stars and planets in the sky, where in a few moments the first Leviathan of the solar system is formed, a huge being composed of the body from the planets, while the wings from the stars of the galaxy.

Fedrick trying to defeat Dar Queen, the latter increases the cold inside the world creating more and more storms and earthquakes, where becoming more and more huge it merges with the just completed Leviathan. Fedrick looking for a last-ditch attack, is thrown beyond the planet's borders with a sphere of dark energy by Dar Queen, where the Dark Master sets off in an unknown direction.


Orders and tribes

  • Crusaders
  • Warriors of Laog
  • Inhabitants of the Sefur wood
  • Prisoners
  • King's soldiers
  • Enchanted people
  • Imperial Knights
  • Hypnotized people
  • Leive's army
  • Beings of Fuar
  • Hilgarf's Army
  • Taurini's Army
  • Radamantio's army
  • Knights of Lefi
  • Jehrais Army
  • Order of the Dark Gods


  • Soriagrer
  • Working ants
  • Black beetles
  • Stone guards
  • Mandrake
  • Mioraiven
  • Dragamantio
  • Akram
  • Jackal archers
  • Ibex
  • Golem
  • Cherodon
  • Giraffe - zebra
  • Leviathan

Places and settings

  • Jerusalem
  • Holy Sepulcher
  • Bethlehem
  • Wood of Sefur
  • King Alagar's palace
  • Gaza
  • Endland
  • Lentas
  • Zaros
  • Kinsguard castle
  • Salazhar fortress
  • Malta
  • Proag village
  • Mount Merek
  • Lapok entry
  • Clenia entry
  • Melezet entry
  • Fuar village
  • Wild lands of Lancekrad
  • Forest of Dravite
  • Lands of Leniac
  • Leniac Fortress
  • Lands of Zorark
  • World of Reyndir
  • World of Vals
  • Turin
  • North Pole

Magical artifacts

  • Green stone
  • Dragamantio's Rib
  • Pen
  • The vestiges of Lyjos
  • Lance of Destiny
  • Silfurhiaga sword
  • Magic book

Structure of the world

Concept map of the East of the Dar Queen's Dark Planet in the work of the Knight of Light the Radamantio story by Federico Carro

Concept Map of the Dar Queen's Dark Planet in the work of the King of Light The Order of the Dark Gods by Federico Carro

The world into which Fedrick is catapulted is called the Dark Planet, a name given by Dar Queen himself when he conquered the planet. The places and territories are similar to its parallel world called: Earth. However, the Dark Planet presents itself with cities that have the same name on Earth, such as Turin, Lyon and Prague.

The author chose these three cities because according to some legends from the Earth, positive energy flows into the three cities, while evil energy flows into the Dark Planet since they are the three capitals of evil. Furthermore, the following cities such as Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Gaza are totally altered compared to the original ones of the Earth, as well as human people can be found, such places are inhabited by tribes or orders that are human hybrids connected by other animal beings such as the Laog warriors who are a cross between man and lions.

The Forbidden Empire extends towards the north and is practically the center of the world which thus divides the planet from the East and the West. The Forbidden Empire is divided into three zones, in the south there are the wild lands of Lancekrad, in the center the lands of Leniac and finally further north that surrounds the capital Turin, there are the lands of Zorark. Finally, in addition to all the places where Fedrick ventures, the commercial triangle is present in the map: Scauri, Malta and the Forbidden Empire itself.

Natural elements

The prism of natural elements present in The King of Light by Federico Carro

The prism of the natural elements.

The natural elements are magical powers linked to certain types of elements present in nature that are exploited by certain types of characters during the saga. The first time this kind of power appears was when Kinsguard used the power of the wind linked to his evil powers to prevent Fedrick's advance in the author's second novel: "The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods".

Some characters are closely linked by certain natural elements that identify their power, for example Radamantio is mainly linked to the natural power of the wind, but from this element the same character can develop and expand his power to make the most of his qualities. The power linked to the elements can be transmitted through weapons or in any case protections, but they can also be exploited without weapons, even if this power would be less precise and more uncontrolled.

The power linked to Fedrick is light, but he can exploit the other elements at will, especially after meeting Amala in Federico's third novel "The King of Light the Leviathan Army". Amala best explains the powers of the natural elements, such as the fact that during a fight one cannot defeat the Light with the Light, where in that case they would heal each other instead of hurting each other.

In this case can to use its opposite, so if want to hurt a character who takes advantage of the energy of the natural element of light can to use the element of darkness as well as for example if want to fight fire have to exploit the natural element of water. As Amala herself quotes: "Water can beat the earth, earth can put out fire, while fire can neutralize electricity and finally the circle closes with the latter that can make water vanish". From this concept understand the values of the natural elements and how they could be exploited against certain strokes and certain characters.

These natural elements are defined as primary natural elements that can blend together, to give life to the secondary natural elements, also there are several characters in the saga who manage to convey these powers with other elements, for example Radamantio manages to mix the power of the wind with that of fire. According to the author's ideology, the natural elements are therefore divided into three categories, namely: primary natural elements, secondary natural elements and complementary natural elements.

Primary natural elements

The primary natural elements are the basic elements that make up the base of the prism of the elements. As if they were the primary colors within a palette, if blended together they can generate secondary natural elements, while if more elements are blended together they form a tertiary element without a specific name.


Primary natural element was used in its entirety for example by Jehrais when he appears to save Radamantio against General Madow in the author's second book: "The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods". Fire is capable of neutralizing electricity and can be extinguished by the earth and completely annihilated by water.


Primary natural element is used in its entirety by the Nashkir of Kialem in the author's fourth book: "The King of Light the Rise of Destiny". Here the element is fully exploited by recreating columns and even terrible earthquakes. Earth can put out fire, water can neutralize it, while electricity has no effect on earth.


Primary natural element is used mainly on the planet of Hiundervan in the Federico's third book: "The King of Light the Leviathan Army". Those who exploit it can create currents or columns of water, even managing to flood a large quantity present in a certain place. Water can beat the earth, can disappear through electricity and can permanently neutralize fire.


Primary natural element mainly exploited in combination with other natural elements such as wind, it is able to make water disappear, neutralize fire, while having no effect on the earth.

Secondary natural elements

The secondary natural elements are obtained through the union of the primary natural elements which together generate a much higher power than the basic ones. There are characters who combine several natural elements together, for example a natural element with a secondary one, this simply generates a tertiary element without a specific name that takes full advantage of the strength of the elements combined together.


Secondary natural element is achieved by the union of fire and earth which together create an element much more resistant and stable than the earth itself which, however, requires a certain mastery to better control it, given the power and hardness of which it is endowed. element. The diamond can be overcome by the will-o'-the-wisp, while it can destroy the ice.


Secondary natural element is composed of primary elements such as earth and water. This natural element is often combined with the wind to expand its power even more, and if exploited to the fullest it can freeze or create real storms of blizzard. Ice can be destroyed by diamond while it can freeze and overcome the natural element of wind.


Secondary natural element is generated by the fusion of water and electricity. Generally exploited with other elements, the owner manages to create real tornadoes or gigantic whirlwinds. This element can be neutralized by ice but can easily beat the blue will-o'-the-wisp.

Blue will-o'-the-wisp

Natural element that arises from the fusion of fire and electricity. Exploited by the strongest characters or by certain and specific beings, this element is a direct evolution of fire, capable of melting even the diamond, but can be defeated by the natural element of the wind.

Complementary natural elements

The complementary natural elements are of another rank compared to the other elements and are considered the strongest elements that stand in the two apexes of the prism of the elements. Respectively they are light and darkness, exploited not only by good or bad characters, but also by neutral characters who, in order to further improve themselves, exploit the power of the two complementary elements.


Complementary natural element is mainly exploited by Fedrick especially after having obtained the Silfurhiaga. Element that distinguishes the subjects who refer to the good, it is a very powerful natural element able to dissolve the other primary and secondary elements, but it could be weak against the darkness if the subject in question is not up to the power of individual who opposes it.


Complementary natural element is mainly used by those who exercise evil. Dar Queen very often exploits this element managing to extend it to the limit by generating powerful dark energies, even creating black holes.

This element can wipe out both the primary and secondary natural elements, but it can be beaten by its contrasting element of light, this will depend on the two subjects and their potential, the more the individual exercises a specific element and the more powerful it becomes in that single element, however, one could easily fall into Fedrick's mistake in exploiting only one element, since during a fight more elements could be amalgamated, making the base element stronger.

For example, Radamantio exploits the power linked to the wind a lot, but his father Kinsguard amalgamating the wind with the darkness, brings out his potential more, resulting greater than that of Radamantio for having amalgamated more elements, especially if this element is an element complementary that greatly increases the power of any primary or secondary element.

Language and tribal symbols

Fedrick in The King of Light by Federico Carro

Fedrick in the novel: "The King of Light the Leviathan Army" where there are tribal symbols on his armor and sword.

Some characters among the various novels have tribal symbols that have a specific color that identifies their belonging. Therefore such symbols placed on certain subjects identify that they are possessed by another identity much more superior to it.

They are magical symbols which, however, do not give powers to those who possess them, however they make it clear that they are not ordinary beings, since those who possess the symbols still have a magical gift in themselves. Furthermore, these tribal symbols are part of an alphabet created by the author, which underlines the fact that they are not random symbols, but that they have a context of language and expression, symbolizing an order or simply a word that can make people remember something specific. who owns such symbols.

The tribal symbols were invented by the Creator realizing as the first expression the White Language, spoken initially with the angelic order and later with Syslomaour and Enkelstar, when Dar Queen was born it realized as a counter expression the Dark Language, defined tribal mainly to indicate the first tribes and orders existing with the first archaic language available among the deities.

Tribal symbols

Golden color

They are symbols that have the meaning of rebirth and are the first tribal symbols that appeared for the first time in the author's first novel: "The Secret of the Orchard". The first to possess them was a doctor who appears before Fiordilisio, as well as Alfano later on with the same tribal symbols on his arm. In that case the meaning resumes that of rebirth and possession since the supernatural being that governs within the structure of the Secret of the Orchard is an individual who possesses the person both alive and lifeless as in the case of Alfano. So the rebirth takes place in another form and in another aspect, understood as a new life managed by the supernatural being.

Silver color

Tribal silver symbols identify the time. The first time such symbols appeared was during the first appearance of the supernatural being in the novel: "The Secret of the Orchard". The second time they appear instead in the author's second novel, namely: "The King of Light, the Order of the Dark Gods" when Fedrick finds the sacred vestiges of Lyjos, when precisely the brightness of the armor falls, the tribal symbols in silver color that represent time, but also individual growth as precisely identified in Fedrick's path but also refers to the evolution of the supernatural being, evolution in that case negative while positive for Fedrick.

Amaranth color

These symbols represent slavery and identify that they can be exploited and sold as a jester in Scauri. The first time that this tribal symbol appears is in the author's second novel: "The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods", when Fedrick in Malta hears the words of Aglaval who tells the story, at that moment Florjan shows such symbols on his body, revealing his past membership in his slave state.

Purplish color

This symbol expresses the highest evil in the world, it is the undisputed symbol of absolute evil possessed by Dar Queen. This symbol appears in the author's second novel: "The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods" both on Dar Queen and on Raour, Fleyrd's father who, before the fight, takes off his armor, highlighting the evil symbols on his body, this identifies the fact that the Knights of Lefi also have tribal symbols in their bodies, branded by Dar Queen himself as well as present on Fleyrd and General Madow.

Spring green color

These symbols appear in the author's second book and are shown briefly by Madilim when she takes off his cassock. This symbol identifies his belonging to his native tribe.

Straw color

Appeared for the first time in the author's third book: "The King of Light the Leviathan Army", they identify belonging and believing centered on Ollovar. As the chief Tuc refers, the meaning of "possessing in the name of celestial light" is found, underlining the fact that whoever has such symbols on him or in the structure where lives, demonstrates devotion to Ollovar. The first time is glimpsed when Fedrick and Luce they find themselves in the village of the Tuc, where the duo notices these symbols on the walls and on some parts of the ground.

Hunter green color

The tribal symbol with the hunter green color identifies possession by the evil side of the subject. Each individual within the world of the King of Light has their own shadow and dark side, depending on how the dark side could manifest its power within a given subject, hunter green tribal symbols always appear for emphasize both psychophysical and mental possession.

This tribal symbol first appears during the author's third book: "The King of Light the Leviathan Army" when Fedrick observes the couple in love in the village of the Tuc who are brutally killed, chases the killer in flight, making them escape from the Silfurhiaga the hunter green tribal symbols, an indication of his evil side getting the better of Fedrick's mind. Furthermore, this tribal symbol appears on Dar King, which emphasizes the fact that this dark being is actually the evil side of Dar Queen himself.

Black color

The black tribal symbol appears for the first time in Federico's third book: "The King of Light the Leviathan Army", when Fedrick reaches the Planet of Destiny and Judgment and he meets the Black Angel of Death showing on his body the tribal symbols. These belong to the Black Angel of Death and Syslomaour. Whoever possesses these tribal symbols obtains the ability to collect souls to take to the Planet of destiny and judgment, therefore the possessor does not have the power to kill, but rather the power to guard the souls to be processed.

Midnight blue color

Such symbols were hinted at in Federico's second novel: "The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods" when Florjan on Malta spoke of the fact that those who were under the oppression of the Night Master were branded with the tribal symbols in midnight blue, identification sign of belonging to Dar Jack.

In the author's fourth novel: "The King of Light the Rise of Destiny" when Fedrick meets Dianora the evil part of Isabel, to which the tribal symbols of midnight blue are manifested on the girl, Federico makes it clear that the tribal symbols of midnight blue identify the part of the shadow of the individual, consequently Dar Jack is none other than the part of the shadow of Dar Queen himself.

Brownish color

These symbols appear for the first time in Federico's fourth book: "The King of Light the Rise of Destiny" when Fedrick meets Enkelstar, this identifies belonging to logic and reasoning, as well as to mathematics and the forms of expressions such as the white and dark language that govern all creation.

Ochre color

These symbols appear in Federico's fourth book: "The King of Light the Rise of Destiny" when Fedrick manages to become The King of Light himself in full version, making him appear such tribal symbols that identify his degree of divinity.

Language and expression

The language expressed by some characters identify their belonging to a certain rank, such as Dar Queen and the Creator who express themselves in Latin, such as Dar King who speaks to his subordinates in Cyrillic. From this over time has given rise to two styles of languages that can only decode certain individuals.

Dar Queen speaks in dark Latin such as Dar King, this type of language can only be conceived by the subjects of Dar Queen such as Dar King and Dar Jack, it cannot be understood for example by the Creator who has the language itself instead White. These types of language are mainly used to make certain expressions not understood by the other opposing faction.

Therefore the white language cannot be understood by those who instead speak with the dark language, but both can dialogue through the Latin that the author identifies as the divine language, to which only the divinities use it, such as the Creator, the same Dar Queen and the King of Light.

The white language

The White Language in The King of Light by Federico Carro

The tribal symbols of the White Language

The White Language is the form of expression spoken within beings belonging to the world of good. It was created from the dawn of time by the Creator as a form of language and communication through the angels and other organs that manage it all.

This language is expressed vocally as if it were Latin, but in written form it is presented in the form of tribal symbols which thus hide its meaning and significance.

Subsequently with the birth of Dar Queen this language was used by the Creator and the other beings of light to communicate with each other in a way not to be understood by those who use the dark language, to conceal orders and important information that could damage the balance of the created.

The dark language

The Dark Language in The King of Light by Federico Carro

The tribal symbols of the Dark Language

Dark language is the expressive and speech form used by those who exercise evil. This language was invented by Dar Queen to counteract the white language, to conceal important information and projects through which the Dark Master shares within his evil order.

Although vocally this language is expressed in ecclesiastical Latin, the written expressive form is presented with tribal symbols very different from the white language. Both languages are used to counter each other, but they maintain commonality that they are used by divine beings such as the Creator and Dar Queen and semi-divine beings such as Syslomaour and Enkelstar.

However, both languages do not allow to be assimilated by people of lower rank than the semi divine, this will lead to the Order of the Dark Gods to create another language with which to communicate with their subordinates. For example, Dar King speaks through the expression of Cyrillic, where it also appears in written language with the various symbols of that language, while Dar Jack speaks and writes through the Greek language.

Differences between books

This work differs in some features, especially on the name of Fedrick's girl. Her name was changed by the author for personal reasons, in fact in this version the name of Eleonor is still present, later changed to Isabel. Also, since the novel already featured a girl named Isabel, that is Flemgard's girlfriend, her name was changed to Elizabeth. The beginning explores the issue between Fedrick and Isabel better, showing better how they presented themselves and the training, as well as the journey to the battle to Jerusalem. Finally, many details have been eliminated from the book and some adventures have been simplified to make the most of the suitable and cinematic time of a possible film.


  • The initial title of the novel was called: "The emperor of the seas" where in this work the names such as: Dar Queen, Dar King, Dar Jack and Endland were already present.
  • The novel had to end in a single book with a different ending, and it also had to tell the story of Radamantio and Jehrais.


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